Digital Transformation: Core Processing System conversion with new Online Banking platforms

Digital Transformation: Core Processing System conversion with new Online Banking platforms

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We have now implemented new and exciting digital functions for improved customer experiences and bank efficiencies - all to be ready for the future. This project included a conversion of the Bank's core processing system and new online banking platforms. Learn more from the links below. 

All customer households received a resource guide in the mail. In addition, you may download a copy here. This resource includes information for Capitol Federal customers about changes to our Core System during the Conversion Weekend, August 4 - 7, 2023.

new statement layout

Beginning September 1, all Capitol Federal customers will receive statements in a new format. These full-color documents will include an account summary at the top, with debits and credits in their own columns and contact information readily available.

In addition, deposit accounts under the same ownership will be combined into a single statement.

The new layout will be available as eStatements in True Blue Online® banking, too.

new mortgage statement layout

The new Mortgage statement is a full-color document for easy viewing of your mortgage payment information. Your Principal, Interest, Escrow and other fee payment amounts will be broken out. All mortgage customers that have an escrow will receive a statement each month.

If you are enrolled in Pre-Authorized Payments, a statement will appear on the bottom of page one that indicates your payment will be deducted automatically from your agreed upon account number. If you are setup with an automatic payment from True Blue Online® banking, your statement will not have this sentence, but your payment will be made. You can verify each month in online banking.

Mortgage Life, Mortgage Disability and Debt Protection are shown in the “Total Fees and Charges” section. If you are enrolled in any of these services, prior to the conversion this was included in the escrow portion of your payment. It is now a pass-through fee that will appear as a separate line item. This gives you more visibility into what your entire payment includes.

If you’d like to enroll in eStatements and not receive a printed version, you may enroll in True Blue Online® banking.

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True Blue Online®

Learn more about updates to Online Banking, Bill Pay, Quicken and the CapFed® Mobile App.

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Business Banking/Commercial Lending

Learn more about updates to Business Banking, True Blue Online® Business and Commercial Lending.

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For Mortgage Customers

Learn more about how the Digital Transformation will impact Mortgages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers to the most commonly asked questions about the Digital Transformation and Conversion Weekend.