Business Credit Cards

Business Credit Cards

In a simple and secure way, keep your business moving with a Capitol Federal® Visa® Business Credit Card. With the Capitol Federal Business Visa Credit Card you will have the ability to manage your company's spending with ease. This card offers business owners the ability to manage card portfolios online at both the company and cardholder level. 

Online Card Management 24/7 at the Company Level

Your Company Administrator will have the ability to:
  • View all cardholder balance and credit limits 
  • View all cardholder transactions and statements 
  • Schedule cardholder payments 
  • Make payments online 
Online Card Management 24/7 at the Cardholder Level 

Individual cardholders will have complete access to their account information with the ability to: 
  • View live card activity 
  • View their statements 
  • Set activity and payment alerts

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Business Credit Card Rates & Fees

Annual Percentage Rates (APR):

• Prime Rate plus 5%
• Minimum Rate: 8%
• Maximum Rate: 18%

This APR will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate*

Set-up and Maintenance Fees:

• Annual Fee: $10 per card (waived on annual card purchases exceeding $6,000)
• Monthly Fee: none
• Replacement Card Fee: $10 (additional $25 fee for express delivery) 

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