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Celebrating Our Veterans and Their Families

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Now and always, Capitol Federal® celebrates the men and women who served and sacrificed for our nation. We recently sat down with a few of our active military and veteran employees to hear their stories and learn more about their journey.  CapFed® honors all who served, and thank them for being True Blue®!

Misty Capps
Training Specialist II
Kansas Air National Guard, Currently Serving

Training Specialist Misty Capps, currently serves in the Air Force as a Master Sergeant (E-7) and has a combined 16 years of service. While a college student, the passing of her father, who served in the Navy, motivated Misty to join the Air Force. Misty went on to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and used the degree to teach leadership courses during her time in the Air Force. She credits her decision to join the military as one the greatest decisions she has made, “I am very thankful I was able to serve with some of the greatest men and women I’ve ever met.”

Misty believes her time in the service has translated into her work at Capitol Federal because it has prepared her to become a better communicator and a passionate team player. “I believe my experiences in the Air Force have helped me to see the value and benefits of the vastly different perspectives that a diverse work force can provide, and I’ve gained a rich understanding of what it takes to truly lead people, not just manage them,” said Misty.

Misty Capps Headshot  Misty Capps VA Day Photos

Thank you for your service and continued support of our Armed Forces, Misty!

Richard Olsen
Senior LAN Administrator
US Navy Veteran

Richard Olson, Senior LAN Services Administrator, served in the United States Navy for a total of eight years as an AT3 Petty Officer 3rd Class before retiring. Richard was inspired to enlist right after high school because he wanted to work on aviation electronics and his grandfather served during WWII. “I was on active Navy duty for four years, then active in the United States Naval Reserves for two years and then inactive for the United States Naval Reserves for two years,” he said.

A few of Richard’s most memorable experiences include inviting his father and grandfather to take a two-day cruise on the USS Nimitz Aircraft carrier, and going to the Vatican and having an Audience with the Pope. Also, he recounted the time he was able to visit the Cairo Museum and got to see the Egyptian Antiquities from the Kings.

For Richard, his time in the Navy equipped him to excel at CapFed because he learned the virtues of honor and integrity, and gained a problem solving attitude.

 CapFed Veteran Headshot CapFed Veteran Richard Olson

Thank you, Richard, for your service and determination in your role at Capitol Federal®!

Joni Sydney
Mortgage Loan Processor
US Army Reserves, Veteran

A bet between Joni Sydney, Loan Processor at Capitol Federal®, and her father motivated her to join the military right after of high school. “A recruiter showed up at our doorstep and my dad, whom I am very close with and also competitive with, said ‘I bet you won’t make it thru basic training!’ I signed up shortly after that conversation and proved my dad wrong. I think my dad was really proud of my tenacity,” Joni said. After accepting her father’s challenge, she went on to serve eight years in the United States Army Reserves as a Specialist.

One of her most memorable moments was during 9/11 when she received a text message from her Commander, informing her to be on the Ft. Leavenworth base within 30 minutes. From there, Joni spent six months on active duty helping man the gate at Ft. Leavenworth.

Joni believes her experience during her time in the military shaped her in becoming a more disciplined, determined and confident person and better suited for a civilian career. These skills provided her the opportunity to join Capitol Federal®.

Joni Sydney Veteran

Thank you, Joni, for your service and continued hard work!

Matt Vanderpool
Systems & Network Operations Manager
KS Army National Guard, Currently Serving

Currently serving in the Kansas Army National Guard as a Captain is Matt Vanderpool, Systems & Network Operations Manager at Capitol Federal. In 2009, Matt was motivated to make a difference, so he enlisted in the Kansas Army National Guard as a Private First Class. Matt said, “I wanted to follow in the footsteps of many family members, and knowing how low the percentage of people who serve our nation is, I wanted to be part of that community.”

One of Matt’s most unforgettable experiences is spending the last few weeks of basic training in Fort Lewis, Washington. “The views of the mountains in the background and the dense forest is unforgettable,” he explained.

When asked how his experience in the Guard has prepared him to excel at CapFed, he said, “The leadership experiences I’ve gained in the military have equipped me for my role here at Capitol Federal. One example is the act of “presence”, a metric I’m rated on in the Army. I am very intentional to be present with the team daily, meeting with everyone on the team consistently, listening to their feedback, learning from their experiences and providing resources to them to further their careers. I’ve been fortunate to lead some great men and women, and there is nothing better than recognizing them for their excellence!

 Matt Vanderpool Headshot    Matt Vanderpool Veterans Day Photo

Thank you for your service and leadership, Matt!


We also are shining a spotlight on some family members of Capitol Federal employees who are active military or veterans of the Armed Services.  They, too, deserve to be recognized and thanked.  Here are their stories.

James R. Freel
World War II, Veteran

96-year-old World War II veteran James R. Freel is the father-in-law of Jim Zimmerman, First Vice President Regional Director of Retail Operations.  During his service, James served as a Corporal in the United States Marine Corps.  “For more than 74 years, he has carried a piece of shrapnel in his neck after being shot during the second landing at Iwo Jima,” said Jim.  “He received the Purple Heart honor for the injuries he sustained.  I’m incredibly proud of his service and for the opportunities we have in this country because of those who protect us.”

Jim Zimmerman Veterans Day Photo

Thank you, Mr. Freel! Your dedication to this country and sacrifices are inspiring!

Kyle Stevens
Army National Guard, Currently Serving

Platoon Sergeant Kyle Stevens is married to our Human Resources Representative Julie Linn-Stevens.  “I am most proud of his strength, his honor and his leadership,” says Julie.  “Kyle was in the Army for three years, and after he finished his tour, he joined and is currently serving in the Army National Guard.  In February of 2020 he will have a total of  23 years of service.”

When Julie began working at CapFed, the Military Veteran’s Project initiated the Hometown Hero’s program.  This program created personalized banners of loved ones who served in a branch of the Armed Forces.  The banners are hung on Kansas Avenue in Downtown Topeka a month before Veterans Day.  Julie said, “I purchased a banner for my husband and kindly asked it be displayed outside my window at work.  To my surprise, they actually hung Kyle’s banner outside my office window, and continue to hang it there for me to see each year!  It was really sweet of the city, and was very special to see him out there when he was deployed.”

Julie Linn Steven VA Day Photo

Thank you, Julie and Kyle, for your sacrifice, service and commitment!

Carl Isbell
Army National Guard, Veteran

With 21 years of service to his country Ashley Isbell, a Capitol Federal Appraiser, wanted to honor her husband, Staff Sargent Carl Isbell.  “Carl served both in the Army and Army National Guard,” said Ashley.  “I am proud of him because he made the sacrifice to serve his country and had to leave his two two-year olds for a tour of duty in Iraq.“

Ashley has some good advice for those with loved ones serving overseas.  “It’s important to have a great support system. Anything from family and friends to support groups and a church community. It takes determination, but you need to do whatever is needed to support your family.”

Ashley Isbell Veterans Day Image

Thank you, Ashley and Carl, for sharing your story with us!

It was our pleasure to highlight the military men and women of Capitol Federal, and their families, for their service and scarifies.  We can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for our Country. If you are reading this blog and are a veteran, we want to say thank you for being True Blue! If you know someone who is a veteran, don’t forgot to thank them for their service.

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