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Update Your Bathroom and Add Value to Your Home

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It is widely-known in the real estate world that few things add more value to your house than a kitchen or bathroom remodel. Remodeling a bathroom is a massive project and a significant financial investment.

The first step to a bathroom remodel is to figure out the budget for the project. Then research styles, designs and fixtures that appeal to you and fit your budget! The internet is a veritable bonanza of ideas, designs and styles. Check out,, Pinterest and more for great ideas. There are also many different designer video series on YouTube that won’t cost you a dime.

Here are some tips and current trends to consider:

Wood is in. Wood floors bring warmth to a “cold” area, brightening up stone and tile. They also provide easy clean-up in a room that usually has a great deal of excess water and spills on the floor. Another current trend is adding a wood accent wall in the bathroom.

Your bathroom can be a spa-like retreat in serene and calming tones.
The latest emerging trend is “back to neutral with a fresh coat of grey/beige paint,” according to Amelia Sumerell at Coldwell Banker Plaza Real Estate, Inc. in Wichita, Kansas. “When remodeling a bathroom, be sure to avoid dark colors or personal colors. Crisp and light is the latest preferred look!”

Subway tile is economical and back in style, although it’s rectangular in shape these days. This tile is great for those struggling with a limited budget.

Replace a drab vanity top. “Remember that you can go to a local granite company and possibly get a granite ‘scrap’ leftover from another job and redo your bathroom countertop for usually less than $1,000 - depending on what you choose and the size of your countertop,” says Sumerell.

Super-size your shower head. Dual shower heads were all the rage this past decade, but a new trend has emerged. Many renovators and builders are installing a super-sized rain shower head and then adding a handset instead of matching double shower heads.

Lose the clutter. Less is more. Let a few key style pieces make your statement. Your bathroom should be functional as well as stylish.

Change out a faucet or two.
Brushed stainless steel is very popular at the moment, and brass is making a big comeback! Or for an industrial, stunning and unique look, try copper.

Give your bathroom cabinetry a new look.
  “You can always paint the woodwork/cabinet in your bathroom!  If you can’t (or don’t want to) paint the woodwork, at least put on new hardware. You will be amazed at how much of an improvement hardware will make for less than $20,” says Sumerell. 

Fixtures = White.
Some things stand the test of time. White is a classic, safe choice which will last forever. 

Don't overlook bathroom lighting.
There are multiple considerations: safety, setting a mood, and how much “natural” light you want for the day-to-day basics such as applying your makeup. Today’s bathroom is not just functional, but can also be an escape from the stress and worry of everyday life, so give this area of your bathroom some thought. 

Okay, those are significant improvements you can make to your bathroom, but what if your budget does not allow for substantial changes? Don't worry; you can perform a quick makeover for less than $200!  “If you are on a strict budget, try new white towels, a new shower curtain, a rug - if your floor is tired, new mirror, new hardware and that fresh coat of gray/beige paint,” advises Sumerell.

Hopefully, these ideas can start you down a path to create your unique retreat, while adding value to your home!

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