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Wichita Money-Free Weekend Challenge

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Looking for a new way to help save money? Bored with your normal weekend routines? Why not participate in our money-free weekend challenge? We’re challenging our communities to put away the wallets for a weekend and find new ways of having fun and making memories!

It’s time to move our money-free weekend challenge to the greater Wichita area! To help you get started, here’s a list of fun, free activities in which the entire family can participate. Be sure to come back and tell us in the comments what activities you did!

Watch a YouTube video to learn a new skill. YouTube is more than just a great place for watching funny cat videos. There are all kinds of instructional videos to help you learn a new skill, such as origami, painting or learning the latest dance moves.

Organize a neighborhood sporting match. Gathering neighbors for a friendly game of basketball or football can be a great way to spend an afternoon. Anyone who isn’t playing can set out chairs or blankets and have fun as spectators.

Enjoy a karaoke night at home. Who doesn’t love belting out their favorite tune? You don’t need a microphone or karaoke machine, just slip in a CD or turn on the radio and let each family member take turns performing.

Take a hike or bike ride. Getting out in the fresh air costs nothing and is great for your family’s health. Keep young ones interested during the trek by making a list of things to find, such as birds, insects and local plants.

Did your family take the money-free weekend challenge? Tell us how it went here!

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