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Energy Saving Tips for The Spring & Summer

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As spring arrives, so do warmer temperatures - and as the thermometer goes up, so can your energy bills. From the U.S. Department of Energy, here are some tips, tricks and simple DIY ideas to help you save some cash on your electric bills this season.

Have Your Air Conditioner Unit Routinely Serviced - Manufacturers recommend you have your heating and cooling system checked every year to make sure everything functions properly. Regular servicing increases your unit’s life expectancy and helps to ensure that when you turn your AC or heat on for the first day of the season, issues won’t arise.

Open Windows - Allowing a fresh breeze into your home can naturally cool your space without switching on the A/C.

Cook Outside - Use your outdoor grill instead of your oven to keep your house cooler in the warmest months.

Caulk Air Leaks & Seal Ducts – Sealing cracks and openings in your home keeps warm air out…and cool air in!

Switch on Bathroom Fans – The fan in your bathroom can help suck out heat and humidity, improving comfort. Flip them on to help remove moisture.

Switch Up the Way You Do Laundry - To avoid using the hot water heater, consider washing your clothes in cold water. Then, instead of turning on your dryer, hang up a clothesline outside, and let the summer heat dry your clothes. This way, you’ll save money and energy on the hottest days.

Keeping your home cool this summer shouldn’t break the bank. Hopefully, you can use these saving tips to keep money in your wallet this season. For more info, visit

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