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Five Fall Projects for Your Home

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As winter approaches, fall is the perfect time to prepare your home and garden from the coming ice, cold and snow. From the Family Handyman, here are 5 easy projects for you to complete this autumn, before the first snowflakes fall!

Mulch For Protection - Shrubs and perennial flowers can enjoy a little extra protection from frigid temps with a blanket of mulch. It insulates the roots and also guards them against hungry creatures. 

Switch Ceiling Fan Direction - Once the temperature begins to drop, ceiling fans should spin clockwise, pushing warm air back down into the room. In the spring and summer, turn the fans back to counter-clockwise, to pull cool air up.

Clean and Cover Your Grill - After plenty of use during the summer, fall is the perfect time to clean your grill. Use a steel-bristle brush to help get rid of any remaining scraps of food. Also, it’s a good idea to cover your grill to protect it from weather and pests. You can still use it in the winter, or it will be nice and ready for you to fire it up come the spring!

Prep Your Fireplace
- Clean your wood fireplace thoroughly and check your chimney before using this winter. Fall is also a great time to gather firewood. If you have a gas or electric fireplace, you can benefit from an inspection before winter begins.

Time to Clean the Gutters - Cleaning your gutters helps prevent them from overflowing during rain or snow and damaging your roof. This is best done later in the fall - after most of your leaves are down, but before it gets too cold.

Using these tips and tricks, your home and garden will have a better winter season – giving you a jumpstart once spring returns.

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