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CapFed® Employee Authors and Self-Publishes First Novel

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At Capitol Federal® we like to highlight our employees for what they do both at work and in their free time. Recently, we sat down with Jessica Williams, an Assistant Branch Manager at our 6900 College Boulevard branch in Overland Park, KS.  She has been with the bank for 7 years and is dedicated to helping our True Blue® customers.  However, outside of her role at Capitol Federal, Jessica has helped others as a self-published author of her first novel, Soulful Nuggets.

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I acquired a love and passion for writing at the tender age of eight. I was a very quiet child, so writing became my voice on paper. It became a way of expressing my inner being and an outlet for my hurt and pain. The weird thing is, I had never seen myself as an author, but I always felt my life experiences were worth sharing to help uplift others. I was looking through some of my old journals and decided to take my raw, authentic feelings and put them in book form.

Soulful Nugget Book

What does your writing process look like?          

I don’t have a particular timeframe when it comes to writing. I went off my instinct with my first book and it took me seven months to complete and publish it. Writing doesn’t interfere with my work schedule because I usually do it late at night, when it’s calm and I can hear myself think. The editing and publishing process can be stressful, so I planned ahead for important dates. I was surprised to find out how much work and time goes into editing. That was the longest process of all the steps.

How many books have you written and what did you learn from writing your first book?

I have written one book, and I’m currently working on my second. My first book will probably always be my favorite because it allowed me to discover something on the inside of me that I never imagined was there. I never thought my love for writing would turn into empowering others.

I have something in the works for my second book. During the process of my first book release, my brother Joshua passed away. I’m writing a book called Joshua’s Story, in memory of my brother. 

CapFed® ABM Jessica Williams

Did you receive feedback from your readers?

Yes!  Most of my immediate family was very excited, and I frequently hear from readers. I have even had a few fans write reviews on Amazon, which is a plus. Most reviewers are curious if I am working on something else, and I am!

How has becoming an author changed your life?

The only major change is I have to talk more at public speaking engagements. I love one-on-one conversations but speaking in front of an audience terrifies me. Since becoming an author, speaking opportunities have come my way.

How has your skill as a writer helped you in your role at CapFed®?

Becoming an author helped me be more confident as a leader.  It also helped me realize the impact we make, on a daily basis, on other people - sometimes without knowing. I always want to uplift those I am around. It can be as simple as making a copy for a co-worker, holding the door for an elderly person, helping a child tie their shoe or just sharing a smile. My goal at CapFed®, and outside of work, is to be a positive influence.

What advice do you have for others looking to self-publish a book?

My process was a little different because I self-published through Amazon. They have a resource called Create Space which walks you through the process. There are graphic designers, editors, and consultants available to help you make decisions concerning your book.

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Thanks for sharing this story and I love this book. It is very inspiring and I'm looking forward to the next book.

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