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All the World's A Stage for Capitol Agency® Employee

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From a young age, Natalie Magill was drawn to performing. Natalie is a member of our True Blue® family as the Assistant Insurance Agency Manager for Capitol Agency®, the insurance arm of Capitol Federal®. Whether she is acting in a play, singing on stage or writing or producing a new work, she’s never far from the local Kansas City and Lawrence theatre scenes. “I can’t remember a time when I was ever not performing,” says Magill, who performs under her maiden name, Natalie Liccardello. “I love storytelling, I think that’s why I’m so drawn to performing and the theater.”

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Natalie grew up attending theater classes and took vocal lessons in high school to become a classically-trained soprano. It was in high school where she took on the part that would cement her love of performing on stage. “The first time I really fell in love with performing on stage was when I played Olivia in Shakespeare’s comedy, Twelfth Night. To this day, I still love and can’t get enough Shakespeare,” says Magill.

These days, you’re just as likely to find Natalie behind the scenes in local theaters as in the spotlight. As a playwright, she has had works produced at The Fish Tank in Kansas City and the Lawrence Arts Center. A 10-minute play she wrote was named Best Surprise in Arts & Entertainment as part of Pitch Magazine’s 2012 Best of Kansas City awards.

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This summer she teamed up with an actor and playwright friend to bring an adaptation of Sheakespeare’s MacBeth to The Living Room Theater in Kansas City for three weeks. “The adaptation is a play-within-a-play. The story revolves around characters who are working behind the scenes of a production of Macbeth and all the lines are in Shakespeare’s language,” explains Natalie. Natalie and two other actors played 20 different roles in the production.

Natalie counts herself lucky to live in an area with a vibrant theater scene. “One of the reasons I love the Kansas City and Lawrence theater scenes so much is how supportive they are of local playwrights and new works. It’s been an amazing opportunity to be a part of this.”

As for her next big role? “Right now, I’m concentrating on becoming a mom to our second child. We’re not finding out what the gender is beforehand, and it has been such an exercise in patience!” Natalie says she won’t push her children into theater, but if they show an interest, she’ll support it. “I think the theater can be great for children because it teaches teamwork and builds self-confidence.”

Thank you for sharing your story, Natalie -  we’re proud to have you in the True Blue family!

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Jennie Mae

Natalie is an amazing person ! So happy to count her as a friend

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