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Celebrating 20 Years as Partners in Education

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Since 1996, Capitol Federal® and Highland Park Central Elementary School in Topeka, KS have served as Partners in Education, working together to enhance the educational skills and development of students. Each year, as part of the partnership, Capitol Federal employees volunteer in the school’s classrooms. During the 2017 school year, employee volunteers who visited the classrooms assisted with guided reading programs. 

“This year, CapFed® and Highland Park Central celebrated the 20th anniversary of our partnership.  We had 12 CapFed employees volunteering every week in Kindergarten, 1st Grade and 2nd Grade classrooms. Helping HPC students excel throughout the year was an unforgettable experience and very rewarding for our True Blue® employee volunteers,” said Tom Hagen, CapFed representative and classroom volunteer. 

As the school year drew to a close, a special 5th grade promotion took place on May 23 to recognize Highland Park Central’s students. The evening included musical selections chosen by the students, student speakers and class presentations. Two students, Fernando Salas and Monya Dean, were each presented with the Capitol Federal Outstanding 5th Grade Student of the Year award.

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Principal Kelly Norman expressed her appreciation for having Capitol Federal as an educational partner. “Our Highland Park Central Elementary staff truly welcome and value the partnership with Capitol Federal.  Working together, we’ve celebrated 20 great years, and the Bank’s involvement has been beneficial to our students’ success.  This year, CapFed volunteers assisted in our guided reading program, helping ensure our students are prepared for the future.  We look forward to the next school year with CapFed as Partners in Education.”

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