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10 Things You Can Do To Protect Your Family and Possessions

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One important thing for every homeowner to consider is how to create and maintain the safest possible environment. Here are 10 quick tips that can make any home more secure:

  1. Safe rooms, made famous by the Jodi Foster movie Panic Room, are not only great protection if your home is breached by intruders, but also can serve as a storm shelter during severe weather. According to Britton Seymour, General Manager for TornadoShelter.com, safe rooms and shelters should be utilized anywhere damaging winds, storms and tornadoes occur if another convenient option, such as a basement, is not immediately available. You can order the materials directly from the manufacturer and install yourself, or ask TornadoShelter.com to install.

  2. Periodically check your windows to make sure they're not painted, nailed, rusted or have swelled from the elements. This allows them to be accessed easily in case of fire or other emergencies.

  3. Be aware of poisonous products and store safely. Substances like medicines, poisonous houseplants, cleaning products and pesticides can cause accidental death.

  4. Smoke detectors and fire extinguishers can help prevent injury and death if a fire breaks out in your home. Test smoke detectors monthly and change the batteries twice a year. Make sure every family member knows where fire extinguishers are located.

  5. Walk through your home and identify places where trips and falls are likely; loose rugs and wires, poorly lit staircases and clutter on the floor are common culprits.

  6. Think about adding a dog to the family if you don’t have one and allergies are not a problem. Some dogs may protect you in the event of an invasion, but almost all of them, especially larger breeds, will serve as a deterrent to would-be burglars. Some of the most popular breeds for this kind of protection tend to be german shepherds, rottweilers and doberman pinschers.

  7. Light up your house at night! Outdoor motion detectors, floodlights and security lighting are a great deterrent for unwanted visitors. Homeowners might also consider installing a security camera and adding signage outside indicating your home is armed with a security camera.

  8. Limit who you give house keys to and don’t be careless about leaving them lying around. Multiple locks on key entryways are also a smart choice.

  9. Form a neighborhood watch, even if it’s just an informal agreement amongst certain neighbors on the block. Let the “watch” know when you are out of town, so they can make sure packages don’t sit in front of your door, giving the appearance of the owner being gone.

  10. Avoid keeping your blinds open and lights on at night. It may tempt burglars casing out your neighborhood. Window coverings should prevent seeing inside your home. Remember, you're concealing the things in your house as well too: flat screen TVs, stereo systems, computers, jewelry, etc.
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Do you have additional tips for making your home more secure? Share them here.

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