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Employee Honored for Her Commitment to the Community

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At Capitol Federal®, our employees truly believe in giving back. A core Bank philosophy is a Commitment to Community, and our employee volunteers help honor this tradition by taking time to help others. During the next several months, we will spotlight CapFed® employees who exemplify the giving spirit throughout our CapFed communities. 

During the day, Tori Rogers is a True Blue® CapFed employee at our southeast Wichita branch. But after work, Tori is helping to make Wichita a better place to live. In her first year with the Bank, Tori participated in 21 volunteering events with organizations like the United Way, Arc of Sedgwick County, Wichita Festivals, Special Olympics and Ronald McDonald House Charities, just to name a few. Her commitment to enhancing the Wichita community has been so outstanding, she was presented with the 2016 Wichita Volunteer of the Year award by Capitol Federal. We asked Tori to answer some questions about how she got involved volunteering and why it’s so important.

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How did you get started with volunteering? 
I never really volunteered until I started working for CapFed. I remember when I began my career at the Bank, I was told how involved the company was in the community - volunteering with organizations and donating time and money to those in need. I immediately got involved and offered to help in anyway I could. I also volunteered as a way to connect with my new co-workers at the branch. I created stronger friendships with my fellow CapFed employee volunteers as we worked together on projects.  

Why do you volunteer?
I find volunteering very rewarding. It’s a way to give back to the community in such a special way. You are able to gain a new insight into these great organizations and all they do for our community. Most of the volunteer work I do is after work. I am able to get my work done while at the Bank, and then go volunteer. It’s very convenient. I can focus at my job, and then focus at the volunteer site. I give my full attention and effort to both places.

What’s the best moment you’ve had as a volunteer? 
My absolute favorite moment volunteering was helping at the United Way's GIV Warehouse. We organized donated items so families in need could choose what they wanted to help them in their time of stress. It was really interesting to see all the items that had been donated, ranging from household items, health and beauty items and even animal care products. This experience had quite an impact on me. I learned no matter how hard someone is struggling, other people are willing to be there for you.

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What makes a successful volunteer and what advice would you give someone who is thinking about volunteering? 
Volunteering creates tremendous change within our community because you are investing your time into something you believe in. Volunteers are able to see how their contribution has made a direct difference for an organization, a neighborhood or a person’s life. To be a successful volunteer, you should be passionate, helpful and have a positive attitude. You should truly care about the work you are doing for others. Volunteers should also be encouraging. It’s important to share how exciting helping others can be, and the impact it can have. I like to invite my friends to volunteer with me. It’s fun and beneficial, all at the same time. Once you’re done volunteering, you have a sense of pride for your work and the help you offered. Nothing beats that feeling, and I went from never volunteering, to winning Wichita Volunteer of the Year!  

Great job, Tori! Congratulations on winning the 2016 Wichita Volunteer of the Year and thank you for being True Blue!

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