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Ways to Give Back for Free

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The holiday season is upon us. Generosity and giving are synonymous with this chilly season, but giving doesn’t need to be limited to the colder months or just to monetary donations. Many charities and nonprofit organizations value your time or lightly used items as much as fiscal donations.

If you are looking to give more than just money this season, or even all year, consider volunteering your time. Here is a list of some of the ways you could give time to those in need:

  • Staff the front desk of a charitable organization
  • Help with administrative and fundraising projects
  • Clean
  • Cook meals
  • Coordinate activities
  • Staff events
  • Sort donated items
  • Sponsor a donation drive at work
  • Provide your professional services at no charge
  • Tutor, mentor, be a positive role model – work one-on-one with someone in need
  • Regularly visit someone who needs companionship
  • Give blood
Volunteering holds a reward for the volunteer and the person in need. We wish you a happy season of giving, and encourage you to give all year long!

Do you volunteer? If so, we want to know! Please leave a comment explaining the organization and what it is you do to make a difference.

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