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5 Apps for Monitoring Financial Health

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It seems like there are mobile apps for just about everything nowadays. From finding recipes to stargazing, there’s an app for that. Managing finances is no exception, which is why mobile devices have become useful tools for tracking your money.

Here are just a few apps that can help you stay on top of your finances and make those money goals a reality:

If you find budgeting a tedious and boring task, this may be the app for you. By linking to your bank and credit card accounts, this app automatically creates a budget and helps you find ways to improve your financial outlook.

Sometimes we all need some extra motivation to help us reach financial goals. That’s where StickK comes in. Tell the app your goal, such as paying off a credit card or saving for a dream vacation. Then, set up a “commitment contract” to give yourself that extra incentive to achieve your goal.

Mint Personal Finance

Mint is one of the most popular online financial tools for a good reason. In addition to allowing you to monitor all of your account balances in one convenient location, the app also offers tools to help you plan a personal budget, categorize purchases, so you can see where your money is going, and set goals with regular progress reports to keep you on track.

If you’re looking for a money management app that doesn’t link to your personal accounts, Spendee may be a good option. Users can enter basic information about purchases and bill payments, and the app will create reports to keep you up-to-date on where your money is going.

Budget Boss
If a simple budgeting app is more your style, Budget Boss may be your answer. This app skips all the account balance tracking features and focuses solely on helping you develop a spending plan. Just enter your income and expenses, and this tool goes to work helping you plan how much money should go where.

Don’t forget to check with your financial institution. Many banks, including Capitol Federal®, offer online banking apps. CapFed® customers can do their banking right from a mobile device with the True Blue Online® app. The app’s secure, encrypted access lets you make transfers, pay bills, deposit checks and find nearby branches and ATMs from anywhere.

Do you have a favorite financial management app that’s not on our list? Tell us about it here!

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Is cap fed going to start working with prism budgeting app? It�s one of the best apps there is . An the online sources cap fed are great but not same to mint features or prism features so it be nice if we could use what�s best for us an not restricted.

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We will be implementing a new online banking system on August 27. Quicken Direct Connect will no longer be supported. In place of the Direct Connect service, Quicken� offers Web Connect, and Express Web Connect, where you may download transactions directly from TBO and import them into Quicken. Visit for more information. Because of our high level of security, YNAB may not connect to True Blue Online�. Thank you for your questions.

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Is cap fed compatible with YNAB? Or Quicken?

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