Bill Pay Information

Bill Pay Information

Online Bill Pay moves to delivery date

Online Bill Pay will move to a new model. Previously, you selected the payment date for your payee and the amount was deducted when the payment was sent. This was often several days before the payment date. Now you can select the date you want the payment to arrive at your payee and the payment will be deducted on or after that date from your account, depending on if it is an electronic payment or by check.

  • The payment will be sent in advance, electronically or by check to your payee, to arrive by the due date you selected.
  • Your account will be debited for an electronic payment on the due date which you selected. For payments sent by check the funds will be debited from your account on the payment date or when your payee cashes the check, depending on the type of check.
  • This model allows you to retain your funds longer.
  • Some Payees will offer Same Day or Overnight Payments for a fee.
  • The calendar within Bill Payment will show you the next available Pay Date without a fee. For payments sent by paper check, the next available date could be several days in the future.

Please check all future dated payments to ensure the Deliver By date is accurate. This is the date the money will arrive at the payee(this is called the Due Date).

Recurring and scheduled payments set to occur on a weekend or holiday will occur the business day BEFORE beginning August 7.

Online Bill Payment Example

  1. Assume it is July 14th for this example.
  2. You will select a Payee and then determine the “Pay From” account and “Amount”. After making these selections, check the calendar.
  3. For this Payee you would be able to select July 14th as an expedited electronic payment for a fee. This would send the payment that day (July 14th).
  4. If you’d like the Payee paid on July 17th, you will see the calendar shows a grey box. This will be a FREE Delivery Date with the Payee being paid on July 17th.
  5. Typically funds will be debited from your account on the Deliver Date, unless the payment is a check being mailed and then the debit could occur on the deliver date, up until the payee cashes the check.
bill pay calendar
  1. Assume it is still July 14th for this next example.
  2. Payee “Thomas Jefferson” cannot be paid the same day, but an Overnight Check option is available for a fee arriving on July 17th.
  3. Any date with a grey box after July 18th would be available as a FREE delivery date.
bill pay calendar