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11 Budget-Friendly DIY Gift Ideas

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If your budget is tight this holiday season, you can still give meaningful gifts to everyone on your list. Homemade gifts are often what make a holiday gathering extra special. Here are some ideas to get your creative gift-giving juices flowing.

Give Cookies in a Jar. Do you have a cookie recipe everyone is always raving about? Put the dry ingredients for a batch in a mason jar and tie the recipe to the lid. Your loved one will be sure to think of you when they whip up a batch of your famous treats.

Sew Fabric Coffee Mug Sleeves. This is a fun way to use scraps of fabric you have left over from other projects or you can buy patterns on sale at your local crafting store.

Frame a Map of a Favorite Destination. Commemorate your favorite girls’ trip or your honeymoon by surprising your loved one with a framed map.

Sew a Pillow from an Old Shirt.
Does your loved one have an old shirt that no longer fits, but they just can’t bear to part with it? Sneak it out of their closet and turn it into a pillow. You can also find an old shirt with a cool pattern at a thrift store.

Paint a Set of Mugs. If you have a coffee lover on your gift list, give them a truly one-of-a-kind set of mugs. Buy a set of white mugs and dip them in nail polish to give them a cool marbled look or let your kids paint fun pictures on the sides with ceramic paint.

Sew New Mittens from an Old Sweater.
Warm your loved one’s heart and hands with a set of cozy mittens cut out of an old sweater and sewn along the seams.

Give a Binder of Family Recipes.
Is there someone in your family who loves to cook? Call your relatives and put together all those old favorite family recipes into a binder. It makes a meaningful gift that could be passed down for generations.

Make a Chalkboard with an Old Frame.
Buy an empty frame from the bargain bin or a thrift store and cover the glass with chalkboard paint.

Give a Locket of Lip Balm. Have a friend who is always reaching for her lip balm? Buy a container of her favorite kind and put some in an empty locket. She’ll never have to dig through the bottom of her purse again.

Create Scrabble Tile Coasters.
Buy some corkboard at a craft store and glue Scrabble tiles across the surface to make words for a fun personalized gift.

Create Jar Lid Photo Magnets.
Take the lids off some of the empty mason jars in your pantry and glue circle cut-outs of your favorite photos on them. Paint the back of the lid with magnetic paint so your loved one can display them on the refrigerator or kitchen memo board.

Do you have more ideas for DIY gifts? Share them here!

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