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Kansas City Money-Free Weekend Challenge

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Looking for a new way to help save money? Bored with your normal weekend routines? Why not participate in our money-free weekend challenge? We’re challenging our communities to put away the wallets for a weekend and find new ways of having fun and making memories!

Kansas City metro, you’re up first in our money-free weekend challenge! To help you get started, here’s a list of fun, free activities in which the entire family can participate. Be sure to come back and tell us in the comments what activities you did!

Visit the local libraries. Not only are there more books in the library than you could read in a weekend, there also is a wealth of CDs, DVDs and other entertainment to be checked out for free. Story times, speakers and other classes are also great opportunities for free fun.

Set up a family board game tournament.
A good old-fashioned board game tournament is a great way to spend the weekend as a family. Set up a scoreboard and make a homemade prize, such as a paper crown, to get everyone’s competitive energy flowing!

Make a family YouTube video
. Everyone in the family has a talent, whether it’s singing, dancing or just nailing the perfect cartwheel. You don’t need fancy equipment to film a family video, just use a mobile device or digital camera. Share with Grandma, Grandpa and other relatives and friends.

Go on a geocaching adventure.
Geocaching is as simple as taking a walk or hike in search of hidden treasure that has been stashed by others who have recorded the GPS coordinates of its hiding place. You can use any mobile device or GPS tracker. To get started, just visit to see if there are any geocaches hidden in your area. Can’t find any near you? Why not hide your own for others to find?

Which money-free activities did you try this weekend? Tell us here!

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WE absolutely love going to library's. Having your kids love books and be able to read is a gift that will multiply for years to come.

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