Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate

the true blue® difference in commercial lending

Finding a lender should be the first stop for business owners before touring or considering purchasing commercial real estate.   When it comes to commercial real estate, having good financing is just as important as having a good location. But taking advantage of opportunities means having a financial partner to help turn your dream into reality.  Being organized and preapproved will help the borrower save time and beat out potential competition for a property. For well-established businesses with stable profits and long-term growth plans, purchasing commercial real estate can set the foundation for your future success.  We encourage you to reach out to a CapFed® Commercial Lender to start the process!

Here’s why….

1. CRE experience - we have lots of it

If you’re in the market for commercial real estate, a commercial lender who has experience will be the most important factor in making the process effortless.
Commercial lenders can be the difference maker in getting a deal done right and on time, versus a lot of stress and problems for you, the borrower. Our lenders at Capitol Federal® will help you get started and stay organized. By requesting all necessary documentation, such as business and personal tax returns upfront, we can provide a ballpark estimate of what you can afford, including a down payment based on your cash flow history and projections.  We are experienced in SBA 7(a), SBA 504, Bridge Loans, and construction loans to perm loans. Finding and offering you the best product at the best rate, tailored to your needs, is our specialty.
In addition, we take the time to understand our customer’s industry, needs and the type of property the customer is interested in purchasing or building. This includes building types, material, maintenance, utilities and property management fees. In order to run your business successfully, conservative estimates for improvement costs and time to completion will be factored into the loan terms so there are fewer surprises down the road.

2. Flexibility - bank local for flexible financing

Flexibility is crucial in building scenarios when unforeseen challenges or construction interruptions can occur because of supply chain issues, material shortages, city permit delays or natural disaster and inclement weather. 
When you partner with a local bank like CapFed, your commercial loan will be kept on our balance sheet and will not be resold on a secondary market. Therefore, we can offer flexible terms,  interest only payment periods and seasonal payment options.
Because of our extensive experience, we can remain flexible. We understand our customer’s cash flow schedule, including seasonal changes that impact demand and sales for your product(s) or service(s).  Our depth of industry knowledge and market area experience and our technical experience will be there to assist you through all phases of your project.  As a flexible lender, responsiveness and cooperation will provide borrowers peace of mind in the deal.

3. relationship focused - you are our priority

Broker, lender and borrower all work together, prioritizing communication to push the project forward to make sure it closes on time. 
In this competitive environment, responsiveness and speed can make the difference when it comes to closing in a timely manner. After the project is finalized, transactions need to be done fast, and unresponsive lenders will cause borrowers to miss deadlines. Relationship-focused lenders have ongoing interest in your project and understand the importance of prompt follow up throughout the process.  Capitol Federal is always a partner and our customers are our top priority. 
As proactive team players, we actively communicate with all parties involved as soon as updates are available. It is our job to help move the project forward successfully, reducing downtime and ultimately reducing cost, timeframe to completion and headaches for our customer.

4. local - we live, work and play where you do

Whether you are building or purchasing, a local lender can be helpful in many ways. Familiarity with local permitting, ordinances and building codes is important to get the project completed and up and running. With a lender in close proximity to the project, frequent meetings of all key players can be easily scheduled, timely and efficient. 
At CapFed, our local lenders care about the communities where they live and work. We are recognized in the community for our involvement with local businesses, non-profits, chambers and other key professional organizations that could be beneficial for your project and business needs.

5. one-stop shop - we do it all

Wouldn’t it be nice to have everything for your business all in one place? CapFed offers convenience to our CRE customers with a variety of other business banking products. With a variety of business, commercial deposit  accounts, we are equipped to offer safety and security for your deposits. 
Being able to work with an experienced Commercial Lending Officer, who can also get your business insured, is just one way that our lenders at Capitol Federal® set themselves apart from everyone else. Once everything is secured, our insurance agents at Capitol Agency® Insurance can obtain the best insurance package to protect your business and assets.
From business checking and money markets accounts to wire transfers, ACH Origination, Positive Pay Advantage and Merchant Card Services, Capitol Federal® can provide everything for your business.

Contact a Local Commercial Lender today, and see the True Blue® difference.  We are available in all our market areas, including Kansas City, Wichita, Topeka and Lawrence. 

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