Consumer Wire Transfer Service Agreement

The Consumer Wire Transfer Service Agreement allows you to manage the security risks involved with outgoing wire transactions. Agreements are specific to the accountholder and an Agreement must be submitted by each account holder designating their preference for initiating wire transfers. Selecting the option to initiate wire transfers outside of a Capitol Federal® branch location requires a notarized signature of the authorizing accountholder.

If you choose to use a wire transfer, please complete this agreement.

Instructions for completing the agreement:

1. Complete your name and address

2. Choose your services:

  • Verbal Security Phrase - Establish a callback phone number and callback security phrase that must be used for any wire transfer not requested in person. This security phrase will be required for all wire transfer requests submitted by letter, secure message or fax. When a wire transfer is requested, the customer must answer the call and provide the security phrase or the wire transfer request will not be honored.

  • Optional Service - Elect to receive wire transfers alerts via email. This free service can be established for up to two email addresses. 
3. Have the document notarized unless you are executing it before a CapFed® bank representative or contact us at 888-822-7333 for an electronically executable version. 

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