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ATM Security: 4 Tips for ATM Safety

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With more than 3 million ATM machines in the world and 425,000 in the US alone, CapFed® wants to protect our community and prevent criminal activity around local ATMs. A number of precautionary measures have been taken by the Bank to safeguard our customers, but here are a few recommended tips you can follow to ensure safety while using ATMs:

Keep Your Information Private. Do not write down your PIN number or share it with anyone else. It should remain private. When entering in your PIN, shield the ATM’s keyboard with your body. Count your money later, do not visibly display money you receive from the ATM. Once the transaction is complete, take your receipt.

Never Use ATMs Alone At Night. It is always best to bring someone with you when using an ATM at night. If you are alone, use a grocery or convenience store ATM, somewhere public. Also, beware of your surroundings, if you notice something suspicious or out of the ordinary avoid using the ATM.

Lock All Your Doors. If you decide to use a drive-up ATM, make sure your doors are locked and all your passenger windows are rolled up. If you exit your vehicle to use a standing ATM, lock your car doors. Don’t forget to park in a well-lit area.

Inspect The ATM.  Beware of possible skimming devices. Thoroughly inspect ATMs for signs of adhesive, which can mean it was tampered with. Any signs of scratched, damaged, crooked or loose pieces on the card reader should be reported. Always report suspected tampering to local branch staff or call 1-888-8CAPFED.

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