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CapFed® Senior Manager Is Helping Topeka Children Reach Their Full Potential

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It truly takes a community to keep the more than 2,000 Shawnee County kids who attend the Boys and Girls Clubs of Topeka happy, healthy and safe. Ken Scott, Director of Facilities, Security and Purchasing at Capitol Federal®, is dedicated to the BGCT mission of enabling all young people to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. As BGCT Board President, Ken knows first-hand the impact the Club has on its members. We recently sat down with Ken to talk about the importance of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Topeka.

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Why did you get involved with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Topeka?

Every successful adult has skills or resources they can share with children at risk. I was asked to explore the Club by a BGCT administrator and after engaging with the kids, I saw the need and thought I had the skills, contacts and time to make an impact. After being on the Board for a year, I was asked if I would consider an executive position. Now as President of the BGCT Board, my greatest responsibility is to make sure my fellow Board members support the staff and ensure resources are available to meet the Club goals.

What are the goals and benefits for Club members?

There are 10 clubs across Shawnee County to serve kids. BGCT offers structured programs to help with mentoring, making good decisions, staying mentally and physically fit, coping skills, homework tutoring and many other forms of constructive character building. Many clubs also serve snacks and meals, especially at the summer programs. All kids under 18 are welcome to join, but we especially serve kids that are at high risk.  

Talk about how BGCT helps high risk kids.

The world is very tough and unforgiving for all of us, but for some of the tiniest people in our community, life literally is held together by a thread. The Boys and Girls Club of Topeka turns that thread into a rope, which allows those kids to hang on another day, week, month or year. And, many times, for a lifetime. Across the nation, it is very common to hear adults state, “the Boys and Girls Club saved my life”. That statement is truly profound and is a testament to the great work our staff does each and every day!

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How does someone get involved if they want to volunteer with BGCT?

Contact me personally at or visit the Boys and Girls Club of Topeka's website. There are many volunteer opportunities - some are annual and some may be on-going. There is something for everyone!

Thank you, Ken, for being True Blue® and paying it forward for kids today at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Topeka!

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