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Employees Graduate from Local Leadership Academy

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In Topeka, the YWCA of Northeast Kansas offers a Leadership Academy for women to learn more about themselves and develop leadership skills to become effective managers and community leaders. Two Capitol Federal® employees, Loss Mitigation Manager Amber Stich and Mailroom Supervisor Janelle Simmons, both recently graduated from the Academy.   They shared some of the things they learned about leadership, and about themselves, while going through the training program.

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What is the YWCA Leadership Academy?

Amber:  The YWCA Leadership Academy is a five-week training program designed to give valuable tools to develop women leaders across Northeast Kansas. During the Academy, you can see the progression of people finding their confidence, and their voice, in order to tackle the bigger issues. I was taught leadership skills so I can perform at the highest level and be a valuable member of Capitol Federal and my community.

Janelle:  Going through Leadership Academy, you’ll come out with the knowledge to be a better leader. The YWCA Leadership Academy is providing Topeka with more knowledgeable and effective leaders. Kathleen, our instructor, has such a passion and talent for teaching. She has a way of asking you questions that really make you dig deep and think.

What were some important things you learned at the YWCA Leadership Academy?

Janelle:  I went into the course thinking I was a decent supervisor, but I came out knowing myself and my leadership style better. I learned my strengths as a supervisor and what traits could use some improvement. Most importantly, I learned what type of leader I want to be and how nothing can hold me back from becoming that leader. 

Amber: I learned not to avoid conflict. As difficult as conflict may be, it is essential to address the issue at hand instead of letting it fester. I also learned to be an authentic and mindful leader. Faking it until you make it can be effective in the beginning, but being true to your communication styles and personality are keys to being a trustworthy leader. You must be mindful of your actions and open to improving yourself, as well as your team.

How do YWCA Leadership Academy graduates impact Topeka?

Amber:  The program is a great networking tool that allows emerging leaders within our community to get a new perspective on how we can improve ourselves, our workplace and the city. Graduates also become more aware of what is happening in our community and how we can participate in its progress. Topeka has a ton of potential to be a community that attracts all walks of life for business and pleasure. Over the last few years, this potential is now being tapped into.

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Thank you, Janelle and Amber, and congratulations for graduating from the YWCA Leadership Academy. We appreciate you being True Blue® leaders at CapFed® and in our community. Keep up the great work!

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