Refinance with Capitol Federal®

Refinance with Capitol Federal®

Refinance your current home loan before interest rates increase.  You could pay less interest over the life of the loan or lower your monthly payment.  And by switching to Capitol Federal®, you will enjoy premier service from loan professionals with decades of experience. Let us help you refinance your mortgage today.

Top reasons to refinance with Capitol Federal:

  1. Loan Pros. Decades of experience in our loan department, who can help you through the process.
  2. Competitive rates and rate-lock options.  A best value in the market with no hidden fees at closing time.
  3. Online application.  Simply click here.  You will create an account first, and then you may complete the application.
  4. Security. More than 125 years of trusted and sound lending policies.

Loan information is subject to change.  Certain restrictions apply.

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should i refinance my mortgage?

Find out if refinancing your mortgage will save you money by using our free refinance calculator. Interest rates continue to be historically low, and it may make sense for you to refinance to a lower interest rate. Use our refinance calculator to analyze your current situation.


refinance with improvements

If you are considering a large home improvement project, a Refinance with Improvements loan may be a good option for you. This loan allows you to refinance your house and then make the improvements with one mortgage. It's also a good option if you have limited equity in your home. 

All you'll need to do is submit your bids for improvement along with your refinance application.

More About a Refinance with Improvements Loan
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