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Teketa Harding understands the significance of giving back to the community. As CapFed’s Community Development Manager, she is a devoted member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. Delta Sigma Theta is an organization of college educated women committed to constructive development of its members and public service with a primary focus on the Black community. We recently sat down with Teketa to discuss the impact of Delta Sigma Theta and the role she plays in the Wichita community.

Talk a little about what drew you to becoming a member of Delta Sigma Theta:

Through research, I discovered Delta Sigma Theta is a non-profit organization that provides assistance and support by establishing programs in local communities throughout the world. I was amazed by the international impact of the sorority. It has chapters in England, Japan, Germany and all over. However, the Five Programmatic Thrust Areas (FPTA) ultimately made my decision to become a member. The organization’s FPTA focuses on: educational development, economic development, international awareness and development, physical and mental health awareness, and political awareness and involvement. Because of these core areas of focus, I get to use my leadership skills and help assist others throughout my community, as well as the sisterhood of over 200,000 women across the nation.

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How have you witnessed Delta Sigma Theta giving back to the community?

Delta Sigma Theta is active in the community with assisting political forums, voter registrations and HIV Aids awareness programs, to name a few. We attend the Delta Day’s at the Capital in Topeka, where we sit in with legislators to hear about the latest policies.  We also participate in Delta Academy, which is a mentoring group for middle school aged girls that focuses on STEM projects and activities. The other mentoring program offered is the Delta GEMS (Growing and Empowering Myself Successfully).  This program is designated for high school girls where the primary focus is empowerment and self-love. Since I am in banking, I am excited to help with their Financial Fortitude curriculum.

How does your role at Capitol Federal® impact your role in the community?

My role at CapFed® allows me to help people buy a home, especially those less fortunate in the community. I volunteer in the local Community Baby Shower.  It provides items for low-income residents residing in the underserved areas in Wichita. Through CapFed, I also assist with Title I schools to provide snacks and activities for students. I’m also involved in: Hope Enterprise CDC, Dellrose United Methodist Church, Wichita Festive Inc., Boys and Girls Club of South Central Kansas, Habitat for Humanity, The Kansas African American Museum, Wichita Urban E-Community, It Takes a Village (ITAV) and Women in Leadership (WIL).

Anything else you would like to add?

The ladies of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority have inspired me tremendously. They have touched not only lives locally, but internationally. Delta Sigma Theta members hold various positions throughout the world and are influential on a global scale. I am a proud member and supporter of Delta Sigma Theta and its initiatives. Being a member and supporter helps me to contribute to a better quality of life and proving Wichita to be a destination city admired by many.

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