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How Financial Literacy Can Help Your Family Avoid Cabin Fever

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April is Financial Literacy Month and a great time to focus on financial education. We know people are spending more time at home, and families are looking for new and exciting activities to educate and entertain. If cabin fever sets in for your family, don't worry, you have options! To help bring peace back under your roof, here are some great activities to do with your kids to teach them about financial literacy.

Break Out the Piggy Bank - Decorate piggy banks together by using an old mason jar to save a few extra bucks. Encourage your kids to use their decorations to visually show goals, using stripes of colors to represent the different levels of savings they hope to achieve.

Drive-in Movie Night - The Drive-in will be your living room of course. The concession stand will give your family a chance to learn about transactions and a fun experience for everyone. Take a look at this example from Red Tricycle.

Find Value in Recycling – Instead of throwing things away, make crafts out of them. Show kids the value of recycling by turning toilet paper rolls, jars and boxes into materials for crafts.

Create Your Own Currency - Let kids design their own dollar bills or grab this printable play money for them to decorate. Hand out this new money for different chores, rewards or incentives for kids around your house.

Game of Life – This classic board game involves players selecting a career and making wise financial moves as they navigate the game board towards retirement.

Kid Restaurant – To get your kids to be more involved in cooking, and learn what it takes to run a successful restaurant, have them run the kitchen. Work up a list for them of everything that entails: writing menus, figuring out prices and making a shopping list for the ingredients. Help the kids dress up as waiters to serve dinner and pay them in monopoly money.

Monopoly – This great board game is centered around teaching players basic money management and cash flow principles as they move around the board, buying and developing real estate.

Fighting boredom and staying active during this time isn’t impossible, it just takes a little creativity and imagination. What better way to do so, than teaching your kids the importance of financial literacy, and celebrating Financial Literacy Month.

 What does your family do to practice money skills? Share with us below.

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