True Blue® PayCard FAQ

True Blue® PayCard FAQ

What is the True Blue® PayCard?

The True Blue PayCard is a Visa® branded reloadable card that allows your employer to directly deposit your payroll funds and utilize the card to make purchases, withdraw cash and load additional funds. Your True Blue PayCard is a general purpose reloadable card, and is not a deposit account.

What are the benefits of having a True Blue® PayCard?

• Convenient – accepted wherever you see the Visa® logo.
• 24-hour access to your funds.
• Make purchases at millions of locations worldwide.
• ATM access everywhere you go.
• Track purchases online at or by phone at 1-844-909-1613 (fees may apply).

Where can I use my True Blue® PayCard?

You can use your True Blue PayCard to make purchases anywhere Visa debit is accepted. You also may use your card at any CapFed® ATM and Visa or PLUS® ATM by entering your personal identification number (P.I.N.).

Is there a minimum balance required for my True Blue® PayCard?

No, there is no minimum to open a True Blue PayCard card; thereafter it may be withdrawn to a zero ($0.00) balance via cash advance, ATM withdrawals, or merchant transactions. Cards that remain inactive for a period of 6 months are subject to an inactivity fee.

What is the maximum dollar amount I can withdraw from ATMs or Point of Sale terminals?

The lesser of $500.00 or your card balance per day. Some ATMs may have lower limits.

What is the maximum dollar amount I can transact at a merchant?

The lesser of $2,500.00 or your card balance per day.

Are there limits on the amount I can load on my card?

Your card load may not exceed $5,000.00. The total balance on your card may not exceed $10,000.00.

How do I load additional funds on my True Blue® PayCard?

Funds can be reloaded directly from your account even while you are away by calling 1-888-822-7333 and requesting a transfer from your Capitol Federal checking, savings or home equity line of credit account. You may also add funds to your card at any Capitol Federal branch, Visa ReadyLink location or by using the Ingo™ Money app for check deposits directly to your True Blue PayCard.

My True Blue® PayCard includes dollars and cents. How can I get the full amount?

You can check your balance at any time at In addition to Visa and ATM transactions, you can also access your money by requesting cash back at point-of-sale debit terminals. You can access your full available balance via cash advance, free of charge at any Capitol Federal location. To access balances to the penny at a merchant, you can request a specific amount to be charged to your card for a purchase and then pay the remainder with cash or check.

Will I receive a monthly statement on my True Blue® PayCard?

Yes. An electronic statement is available through Simply sign in using your user ID and password. Paper statements are not available.

Does my True Blue® PayCard include an overdraft limit?

No. You should only utilize your card to get cash or make purchases up to the current balance in your card. Transactions in excess of your balance usually will be rejected. In the event that your True Blue PayCard does overdraft, it is possible your card will be closed.

How do I activate my True Blue PayCard once I receive it?

Call 1-844-909-1613 or visit and sign in.

Will I receive checks to use on this card?

No. This card is intended for electronic transactions only.

What dollar value is pre-authorized when I use 'pay at the pump' gas pumps?

A $75.00 pre-authorization will be marked up against your available balance. If you purchase less than $75.00, the amount in excess of the purchase will clear once that transaction is posted to your card. If the merchant does not participate in the partial authorization program, you may be denied if your balance is less than $75.00. In this instance, you may pay inside the gas station for an amount available on the card.

What is my personal identification number (P.I.N.)?

You may establish a P.I.N. by calling 1-844-909-1613 or visiting and logging into your prepaid card account. Your initial log in password is the CVV2 code (three-digit number from the signature panel of your card) and your date of birth.

Where can I go to change my personal identification number (P.I.N.) or address?

Simply call 1-844-909-1613, or go to and sign in.

Can I use my True Blue® PayCard to pay for online gaming?

No. True Blue PayCards may only be used for transactions that are legal.

Can I use my True Blue® PayCard to pay for purchases over the internet?

Yes. Once your card is activated you may begin making purchases over the internet. To activate your card, go to and sign in.

Why do I have to register my card?

Capitol Federal requires you to register your card to protect your rights if your True Blue PayCard is ever lost or stolen. By registering your card, it makes the process of refunding your money for unauthorized purchases easier. You will want to register your card and provide your address if you wish to use your card for mail orders, telephone orders or internet transactions.

Does my True Blue® PayCard affect my credit?

No. Your True Blue PayCard is not tied to your credit in any way. In the event that your card balance becomes negative, appropriate collections actions may be pursued.

What do I do if my True Blue® PayCard is lost or stolen?

If your True Blue PayCard is lost or stolen, you can contact 1-844-909-1613 to order a new card and to file a dispute for the purchases you did not authorize. You may also contact the Visa's customer service at 1-866-906-4170.

My True Blue® PayCard doesn't have my name on it. Can I really use it?

Yes. You can still use your card even though your name does not appear on the card. Your identity is verified by a retailer by checking your signature on the back of your card to ensure that it matches the signature on your sales draft. You may obtain a personalized card by completing the card registration at

My True Blue® PayCard doesn't have my name on it. Do I still sign my name when I make purchases?

Yes. Even if your True Blue PayCard says "True Blue PayCard" instead of your name, you will still sign your name on the sales draft when you make purchases. Make sure you sign the back of your card, so retailers can compare your signature to the one on the back of the card.

What is the difference between a "pending transaction" and a "posted transaction"?

Pending transactions are authorized transactions, and a hold is placed for the purchase amount on your card. Posted transactions are purchases that have cleared on your card and the funds have been removed. There are some pending transactions that are more or less than the amount you have actually spent. This is because some retailers place a pre-authorization amount on your card for more or less than the total of the purchase.

Why is my available balance different than my actual balance?

Typically, your available balance is less than your actual balance because your available balance reflects purchases you have made that have been authorized, but not have been charged to your card balance. However, there are some cases, such as when you have returned merchandise, where the available balance will be more than your actual balance.

Do I have to have an e-mail address to use my True Blue® PayCard?

Your e-mail address is helpful if you ever forget your password on the website or if we need to send you other useful information requested by you.

What if I have a remaining balance after the True Blue® PayCard expires?

Your True Blue PayCard will automatically expire on the date listed on the front of the card, or if the card has had no activity for a period of 12 months or longer. If you have had activity on the card within 30 days of the expiration date, a new card will be automatically sent to the address on file for your card. If the card has had no activity for a period of 12 months or longer, a check will be mailed to the cardholder for the balance of the account.

How do I dispute a transaction?

To dispute a transaction, visit  and download the dispute form which must be completed, signed and forwarded to Capitol Federal, Attn: Reg. E Resolutions, 700 S Kansas Ave., Topeka, KS 66603 or by fax at 785-231-6364. For card transaction questions, contact Customer Service at 1-844-909-1613.