Mobile Banking Security

your security is our top priority

All mobile banking options available from Capitol Federal® provide the same high level of encryption for security as True Blue Online® banking, so you can control your money on the go with peace of mind.  Protecting customer account information is a top priority for Capitol Federal, but the following tips can help any mobile user add additional security.  

  • Make use of your phones keypad lock feature. Most mobile devices have security lock codes that enable you to input a PIN number to access your device giving you an extra layer of security and protection.
  • Make your best effort not to store account details, passwords, bank account numbers, PIN’s, credit card details or anything of that nature on your mobile phone.
  • Be smart with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. When connecting to the Internet using Wi-Fi, try to use an encrypted network that requires a password.  Avoid online banking or financial transactions in busy public areas and over unsecured Wi-Fi networks. Ensure that passers-by can't watch what you are typing (known as shoulder-surfing). Turn Bluetooth off when you aren't using it.
  • To assist you in case of your mobile theft or loss, ask your provider or manufacturer whether services are available, such as mobile tracking and the ability to remotely wipe your information stored on the phone.  If you lose your phone or it is stolen, report it to your network operator immediately so it can be disabled.
  • While all mobile devices are susceptible to viruses, Android devices are especially vulnerable to virus and trojan programs. Some are spread through downloaded software, while others through malicious SMS messages. It is recommended to have all Android devices protected by an anti-malware program. Your mobile phone carrier can provide information on the best software for your device. And remember, if you suspect a malicious SMS message has been sent to you, please contact your wireless carrier immediately.

Remember, Capitol Federal does NOT sell customer information, nor does it disclose nonpublic personal information about you to anyone, except as permitted by law. (Please click here for our complete Privacy Policy.)

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