Savings Strategies

Savings Strategies

save money with simple strategies

Saving money can be really hard, especially with the expenses we all have on a monthly basis. With simple savings strategies, you can begin to save for the future and achieve your goals – even with everything else going on. 

save for retirement

At Capitol Federal®, we provide the tools to help you realize long-term savings success for the retirement you envision.  From savings accounts, to high-yield money market accounts and long-term CDs, you have a range of accounts to choose from when building your retirement savings plan. All options are FDIC-insured to the maximum allowed by law, so your investments are safe and secure. 

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Cd ladder basics

A CD Ladder can provide a savings strategy with both short- and long-term benefits.  It’s a simple strategy for any level of saver, and allows you to put your savings on autopilot.  Using FDIC-insured CD investments, you’ll have a risk-free investment strategy built for the future.

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save for college

Not starting early enough is one of the most common mistakes parents make when saving for their child’s college education.  The earlier parents start depositing money into a savings account, the better. The Coverdell Education Savings Account is one option available to parents, which offers tax advantages. 

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