Personal Loans with Quilo™

Personal Loans with Quilo™


For life’s unexpected emergency purchases or surprise opportunities, Capitol Federal has partnered with Quilo™ to make applying for an unsecured personal loan quick and simple. Using the Quilo app, you can apply when and where you want, getting a decision within minutes and funding soon after. Just download the Quilo app using the link below, apply and pick a term. Personal Loans with Quilo offer:

  • Fixed interest rates
  • No origination or application fee
  • Immediate loan decisions

personal unsecured disclaimer

Interest rates and loan terms vary based on credit worthiness, length of term, and loan amount. Longer loan terms and larger loan amounts may result in a higher Annual Percentage Rate (APR).

The interest rate and corresponding APR may be reduced by 0.25 percent with preauthorized payment.

Certain restrictions apply. Must be a Capitol Federal checking account and debit card holder.

Personal Unsecured Line of Credit

A Loan for The unexpected - Unsecured Line of Credit 

With an Unsecured Line of Credit there's no need to use your home or other assets to secure your lending. An Unsecured Line of Credit is perfect for expenses like home improvements or life's unexpected moments, like water heater breaks or when an air conditioner unit goes out. Also, use your Unsecured Line of Credit as Overdraft Protection for your checking account.

Personal Unsecured Line of Credit Offers:

  • No application fee
  • Fixed rate
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