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Holiday Traditions

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Holiday traditions are important.  They not only help to build community, but are also used to celebrate bringing families together. Traditions can help us feel a sense of belonging.  Whether you have started your own traditions or want to begin something new this year, here are 10 holiday tradition ideas:


1.     Build a gingerbread house and have a family contest

2.     Sponsor a family in need

3.     Participate in a Toy Drive

4.     Go Christmas caroling

5.     Decorate your own ornament (a new one each year!)

6.     Decorate nursing home doors

7.     Order your family matching holiday pajamas

8.     Bake cookies and give to neighbors

9.     Volunteer at a homeless shelter

10.   Have a Christmas movie marathon


We asked our CapFed® employees what traditions they celebrate this holiday season.  Here are a few:


Mariah W: Each member of my family keeps a candle in their room on Christmas Eve, and the first person to wake on Christmas morning lights their own candle.  Then, they start singing the song "Bring A Torch Jeanette Isabella" while passing the light to the rest of the family, when they wake-up, until we're all singing with our lit candles. Regardless of how many or few of us are together at Christmas, we always make this happen.


Mary Ann B: Even though my kids are grown, they love doing a gingerbread house and creating a video for it like "Extreme Home Makeover".  We have had some crazy houses over the years, and everyone loves yelling "Bus driver, move that bus!!"


Melissa R: I spend Christmas Eve making what my children call “Horse-Duvers”.  I make enough for the 24th and the 25th because I refuse to cook on my birthday!


Emma M:  Every year, my mom, sister and I will watch the movie “Elf” and eat spaghetti for dinner. My mom buys a bunch of candy, marshmallows and Pop-Tarts for dessert, and we each get our own 2-liter bottle of soda to drink from while watching the movie. We've done it every year since the movie was first released, so it's been a tradition for almost 20 years!

By the way, maple syrup on spaghetti is NOT as good as Buddy claims it is – but when I was 10, I was determined to try it!


Lacey M: Every year, TBS airs "A Christmas Story" for 24-hours, starting on Christmas Eve. We turn it on at night and get to open one present before bed (usually new pajama).  We let the movie play all night and it stays on all morning while we open gifts.  Then, we make breakfast and start preparing for Christmas dinner. It never gets old!

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