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September - National Preparedness Month

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September – National Preparedness Month


Do you and your family have a plan of action should a disaster strike? In order to reduce fear and anxiety, mapping out what you will do in the event of a fire or a tornado will help. At ready.gov, you can learn how to be ready for various disasters and emergencies.


Fire - Make an Escape Plan

No one wants to think the worst, but creating and practicing a fire escape route will ensure everyone makes it out safely.

   • Make a fire escape plan, and practice getting out in under two minutes. Learn two ways out of every room in case one exit is blocked or            too dangerous to use. Make sure that rooms on the upper level have escape ladders.

   • Practice getting and staying low to the floor and moving to the exit in case there is smoke. Make sure you have smoke alarms on every              level of your home and in each bedroom.

   • Designate a specific meeting point for everyone to go to which is a safe distance from the home.


Tornadoes – Be Prepared

Unlike a fire, you can prepare ahead of time for a tornado and have plenty of time to take shelter if you know the risk.

   • Sign up for weather alerts on your phone to get notified something is heading your way.

   • Get to the lowest level of your home or sturdy building.  If you don’t have a basement, go to the smallest interior room of your home.

   • Stay away from windows, doors and outside walls.

   • Make sure you have a battery powered radio, flashlight, blankets, food, water, first-aid kit and any medications with you.

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