Securities Transfer Agents Medallion Program

Securities Transfer Agents Medallion Program

Securities transfer agents medallion program (STAMP)

Medallion Signature Guarantee Service

Capitol Federal® participates in the Securities Transfer Agents Medallion Program (STAMP) to offer free signature guarantee service at all branch offices.

This service is limited to Capitol Federal customers who have an account for at least three months.

A Medallion Signature Guarantee should not be confused with the services a notary would provide.  A Medallion Signature Guarantee is often required to sell, assign, transfer or redeem securities such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds.  A Medallion Signature Guarantee cannot be provided for account maintenance such as change of address or dividend elections. 

The program requires Capitol Federal to review the transaction, ensure the appropriate individuals are authorizing the transaction and ensure each signature is genuine.  Capitol Federal is authorized under the program to guarantee transactions up to $1 million. 

Under the Uniform Commercial Code, a signature guarantee provided through the STAMP program warrants that:

    ·   The signature is genuine.
    ·   The signer is the appropriate person to endorse the document.
    ·   The signer has the legal capacity to sign the document.

obtaining a medallion signature guarantee service

To obtain a Medallion Signature Guarantee at Capitol Federal®, follow these simple steps:

Step 1 – Make an appointment at your CapFed® branch office

Only select employees can provide this service.  While we try to accommodate walk-ins, an appointment is strongly recommended.  Please contact your branch to set an arranged date and time with an authorized employee.  Visit to find your nearest branch.

Step 2 – Use the checklist below to ensure you are ready for the appointment.

·   Bring a valid and unexpired government issued photo ID.
     ·   Bring a copy of the most recent statement (must be dated within last six months) from the firm where your securities are held, showing full             ownership of the securities.
     ·   Bring any stock certificates, if applicable.
     ·   Bring completed documents to be signature guaranteed.  Incomplete documents cannot be signature guaranteed.  Do not sign the                               completed documents until you are receiving the signature guarantee.
     ·   If you are signing as a fiduciary, bring proof that you have authority to sign.  This may include, but is not limited to, power of attorney, trust             certifications, death certificates or corporate resolutions.
     ·   All individuals listed on the security must be present at the appointment.

Step 3 – Go to the branch to receive your guarantee.

At the branch, Capitol Federal will make photocopies of all documentation for our records and will return to you all of the originals. Capitol Federal will require that each individual whose signature is guaranteed also signs a Signature Guarantee Indemnity Agreement.

Capitol Federal has been a member of the Securities Transfer Agents Medallion Program (STAMP) since its inception in 1992. The purpose of this program is to ensure the signatures guaranteed by a STAMP member will be accepted by any transfer agent. Signature guarantees normally are required in connection with the redemption or transfer of ownership of a security or mutual fund.

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