Electronically Send and Receive Bills

Receive and pay bills directly from many of the largest billers on True Blue Online® with eBills.  An eBill is an electronic version of a bill or statement – from companies like Verizon Wireless or Lowe’s. The eBill typically contains the same info as a paper bill or statement.

There is no need to sign on to a separate website or incur extra costs from stamps, checks and envelopes.  You may pay eBills manually each time, or use the Auto-pay feature, paying the minimum amount due or the full balance automatically.

To find and set up eBillers:

  • Log in to True Blue Online® banking
  • Select the Payments tab
  • When you add a business that offers eBills, you can enter the required info to request eBills, and we send your request to the business. When you complete the request for one business, feel free to sign up for eBills from other businesses who offer them
  • To add an eBill for a business you’re already paying, look for the eBill option on the Bill Pay tab

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