Saving for Retirement

Saving for Retirement

Plan ahead for the future you want

Retirement may be a ways off, but it’s a good idea to start saving now. You may have accounts with your employer or other outside investments, but a well-rounded retirement savings plan should include FDIC-insured savings. Even saving a small amount each month can add up with compound interest. The key to success is starting early. 
Learn more about accounts perfect for retirement savings below.  Then calculate how much you need to save, or how well you’ve prepared, and what you can do to improve your retirement outlook.
And don't forget – you should re-evaluate your retirement plan on an ongoing basis. If you’ve had a life change recently (new job, marriage, divorce, etc.), it’s even more important to discuss your options.

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Individual retirement accounts (IRAs)

Retirement near or far?  Either way, achieve greater growth and tax advantages from an IRA.  Roth IRAs allow for potential tax-free withdrawals during your retirement, while Traditional IRAs may reduce your taxes now and earnings are not taxed until you take the money out.  Regardless of which you choose, IRAs offer an opportunity to save for a comfortable retirement with long-term tax benefits.

Perfect for…

  • Retirement savings
  • Old 401k rollovers
  • Tax advantages
Roth IRA Traditional IRA
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certificate of deposit (cd)

CDs are the easiest way to save if you do not need immediate access to your money. Earn interest and feel secure in the certainty of any Certificate of Deposit product. Choose from short- to long-term CD rate options, and lock in a guaranteed rate for whatever length of time you want. Typically, the longer term you select, the higher the interest rate. 

Perfect for...

- Long-term savings goals
- Retirement savings
- Adding secure investments to an overall savings strategy

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