Blue Bucks® Kids' Certificate of Deposit

Blue Bucks® Kids' Certificate of Deposit

teach children the value of long-term savings

A 12-month, fixed-rate CD, just for kids! 
An excellent account to show kids the value of long-term savings and how CD investing works. With a low minimum of $100 to open, kids or parents can add deposits of $25 or more, at any time. Open an account and show your young person how stashing money away can really add up over time. Perfect for…

  • Educating kids on CD investing
  • Long-term savings
  • Earning a higher interest rate than a typical kids' savings account

New customers will need to provide copies of the Birth Certificate and Social Security card for the minor on the account, as well as proof of address (utility bill, the guardian's valid DL or KS/MO state ID, etc.) when opening a Blue Bucks Savings Account.


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