Switch to Capitol Federal®

Switch to Capitol Federal®

quick. easy. convenient. 

Capitol Federal's True Blue® service has taken the hassle out of switching banks. Follow the few simple steps below, and we will guide you through the process. 

1. Pick the account 

Select the right Capitol Federal® account for you based on the information we’ve provided. Feel free to discuss your options with a customer service representative. 

2. Balance and discontinue using your previous checking account 

Once you receive your True Blue® Direct Visa® debit card and/or CapFed® checks, discontinue use of your old checking account. Do balance your old account and allow for all previously set-up auto-debits to clear. 

3. Switch your direct deposits 

Discuss and fill out the appropriate forms with your employer to switch your direct deposit information. If applicable, don’t forget to change your account information with your retirement plan administrator, brokerage account administrator and the Social Security Administration, etc. 

4. Switch your automatic and online payments 

Switch your automatic payments by contacting the company you are paying. Provide them your new CapFed checking account information. 

Checking Account Number: _____________ 

Capitol Federal Routing Number: 301171285

5. Close your old account  

Once payments have been cleared, visit your previous bank and close your old account. Be sure to give them your new account information, so they know where to send any balances. Since you opened an account, you’ll want to make sure your regularly occurring bill payments continue smoothly. You may like paying them using the bill pay function in True Blue Online®. Maybe you’ve set up an automatic debit of your account initiated by your utility company, etc. 

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