Pre-Authorized Transfers

Pre-Authorized Transfers

Let Us do the work for you

Save priceless time with Capitol Federal's convenient Pre-Authorized Transfer for your loan. Eliminate the hassle, expense and worry about your mortgage or other loan payments. We handle all the details and best of all...this service is provided to you at no cost.
  • Auto-deduct from your savings or checking account
  • Determine the transfer date that works best for you: 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th or 25th of each month*
  • No cost for this service

Download the Pre-Authorized Transfer Agreement Form**, complete and return with a check marked “void”, to:

Capitol Federal
Attention: Loan Service Department
700 S Kansas Avenue
Topeka, KS  66603

Fax: 785-270-6024


Once registered, make a notation in your account register - or confirm the transaction through True Blue Online® banking.

Under Capitol Federal's Pre-Authorized Transfer System, customers may make additional principal payments to their loan.


*Mortgage Loans and Consumer Loans are available on these dates; although for Consumer Loans, if the Pre-Authorized Transfer payment date is later than the loan payment due date, additional finance charges may be incurred. Execuline transfer date available only on 10th of each month. All transfers are processed only on regular business days. Should the transfer date fall on a weekend or federal holiday, the transfer will be processed on the next business day. If the mortgage or loan payment amount changes, the customer will be notified in advance of the change.

**One agreement form is required for each loan.