Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Kitchen Cleaning Tips

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Keeping your kitchen looking tidy and spotless is no easy feat.  From cooking a full meal to simple spills, it’s easy to quickly go from sparkling clean to a mess!  From Better Homes and Gardens, here are five straightforward DIY tips to keep your kitchen looking like new.  These tips use items you probably already have around your house, making for an inexpensive and budget-friendly way to clean your kitchen.

1. A Fresh Garbage Disposal.  To keep your garbage disposal smelling fresh, fill an ice cube tray with lemon wedges, rock salt and water, then freeze it.  When needed, pop a few cubes down the disposal and run.  The salt scrubs the blades and the ice cleans the gunk and grime.

2. Cookie Sheet Clean.  Sprinkle a battered cookie sheet with baking soda and a few sprays of hydrogen peroxide, then top with another layer of baking soda.  Wait a few hours and wipe off to restore a clean cookie sheet!

3. Oven Rack Hack.  Soak your messy oven rack in a bathtub filled with powder washing detergent.  Let it sit for four hours and then rinse clean, revealing a sparkling new oven rack.

4. Range Hood Wipe.  Above your stove, the range hood is a magnet for grease and grime.  To clean, use a few drops of vegetable oil on a cloth and wipe.

5. Dishwater Tang.  If your dishwasher is no longer getting your plates and glasses clean, try pouring an entire container of Tang into an empty dishwasher. Run a full cycle and then add in your dirty dishes and run another full cycle.  Your dishes will emerge sparkly clean.


These thrifty ideas are just a few ways to keep your kitchen looking great this winter, or all year long.  For more tips from Better Homes and Gardens, click here

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