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Cold days with low humidity will likely dry out our skin this winter season.  Symptoms include itchy or red skin, fine lines and cracks or a feeling of skin tightness. Here are some tips, from the Mayo Clinic, to help battle dry skin this winter and keep that healthy-looking glow all season long.

Moisturize. Applying moisturizer to your skin adds a layer of protection because it keeps water from escaping. It’s best to apply it several times a day and especially after taking a shower or bath.


Use warm water. Taking a long, hot shower or bath removes the oil in your skin and leaves your skin dry. Try taking a warm shower or bath, and keep it to only five or ten minutes.


Get a humidifier. Of course we want to stay warm inside our homes during the winter, but the heat from your furnace is also drying out the air in your house.  Using a humidifier will add moisture back into the air and add moisture back to your skin. 

If your dry skin is itchy, the Mayo Clinic suggested using a cool compress to the area. In most cases, dry skin is caused by the weather or your lifestyle, and using the tips above might help.  If these measures don’t help your dry skin, or it gets worse, see your doctor.  For more information on dry skin causes and treatments from the Mayo Clinic, click here.

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