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Chairman's Desk Summer 2021

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The time of year which so many look forward to is here. Beyond simply being a seasonal change, the start of summer is a bright marker on the year’s timeline for various reasons. School age children excitedly kick off their months-long leisure time. Backyard barbecues fire up. College and high school graduations start the next chapter in young adult lives, and countless other milestones take place in this warmest of seasons.

At the heart of all this “looking forward” we all do is a singular, albeit important concept – optimism for the future. The thought of the great things ahead of us is a constant motivator, and this year those hopeful feelings may be the strongest in recent memory for many, as they should be.

Taking that next step with enthusiasm has been central to Capitol Federal’s mission as a trusted bank and home lender for generations of customers. Whether it’s a student opening their first checking account, a family finding their dream home, or a business owner growing their company, Capitol Federal is here for you. And best of all, you can know we’ll continue to be here for all of your important future endeavors.

So, embrace the optimism this summer. Your next steps may very well be the start of something great for you and yours.

John B. Dicus
Chief Executive Officer

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