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Liven Up Your Landscaping

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With spring just around the corner, now is a great time to start planning updates to the landscaping of both your front and back yards!

In the yard world, grass is clearly king - most great outdoor looks start with a healthy, beautiful lawn.

“Homeowners should seed and apply most of the fertilizer in the fall, use a good quality crab grass preventer in the spring and treat for other weeds on an as-needed basis,” recommends Cameron Rees, General Manager at Skinner Garden Store in Topeka. If blades look withered or brown, you probably need to water more often. You should be able to easily push a butter knife into the ground at least six inches; if you can’t, haul out the hose.

Also, do not set your lawnmower blades too close to the ground. “The proper blade height is about 3½ to 4 inches in height from the ground. Never remove more than 1/3 of the total blade height in a single mowing. This means that if you allow your lawn to overgrow, you need to trim it back down to preferred height in multiple mowings. Doing it all at once, stresses the lawn and increases weed issues,” says Rees.

If you’re looking for other ideas, here are some quick tips from to add a dose of charm to any yard!

• Plant just one tree. Planting one tree isn’t like planting a whole forest. It’s somewhat easy, and once it’s established, it offers one of the lowest form of landscape maintenance. Choose a tree that adds color, shape and texture to your yard.
• A punch of mulch. Cheaper than rocks, mulch is one of the easiest ways to add color and texture to a dull area of your yard. You can even choose pine cones to add a knotty texture that breaks up the monotony of flat lawns and boxy bushes.

• Create a personal focal point. Your yard should reflect your personality. Add some whimsy by turning a wagon or toy truck into a colorful planter. You can also add an oversized flower pot and fill it with something that represents you. It can be a fun talking point about your yard.

For more landscaping ideas, check out, and happy planting!

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