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Six Simple Tricks to Tackle Stress and Anxiety

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Feeling anxious or stressed is a common feeling many adults feel. It could be about money, or an upcoming vacation or just uncertainty in general. However, there are several tips and tricks you can easily complete to chase that nervous feeling away and help relieve anxiety. From, check out these 6 simple ideas and get back to feeling like yourself.

Exercise – Putting even a small amount of physical stress on your body can help relieve mental stress by releasing endorphins and improving your sleep and self-image. Try adding walking, swimming or yoga to your daily routine for maximum benefits.

Light a candle – Scents and smells can actually be really soothing. The calmest scents are lavender, rose or sandalwood. Aromatherapy can help you sleep better, too.

Write it down – Recording what you're stressed about is one way to help release tension, but you can also jot down what you’re grateful for. This helps you focus on positive thoughts. Keeping a journal is one option, so you can look back at your accomplishments.

Chew gum – This sounds super simple, and it is! Chewing gum promotes blood flow to the brain and can cause brain waves similar to those of relaxed people.

Smoothing music – Slow-paced instrumental music can help lower blood pressure, your heart rate and stress hormones. Putting on some classical music or nature sounds can help relax you, or just listening to the music you enjoy is effective, too!

Pet therapy – Interacting with a pet can help release a brain chemical that promotes positivity. Having a dog or cat can also help give you a sense of purpose and companionship – all qualities that help reduce anxiety. Plus, it may help keep you active by taking them for a walk or playing with Fido or Kitty.

Those are 6 easy tips to quickly relax your mood and improve your wellbeing. For more examples of how to beat stress and anxiety, check out the

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