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Reaching Your Goals: So you want to become a millionaire?

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Reaching your financial goals doesn’t have to feel like a 30-year challenge. There are certain steps you can take to become a millionaire. I know what you’re thinking, the only way you’ll see a million dollars is if you win the lottery or hit the jackpot, but there are other ways to see seven figures in your bank account. Reaching millionaire status isn’t guaranteed, but these tips won’t hurt your odds of getting there sooner.

Develop a Plan – Saying you want to be wealthy isn’t good enough. You need to develop a working plan and put it to action. Write down your goals and turn it into a written financial plan. Then, focus on your earning capabilities.

Know Where to Start – Our ‘Become a Million Calculator can show you how long it will take for you to reach your goals.

Refrain from Debt – As the saying goes, "If you can eat it, or wear it, don’t put it on your credit card." But, let’s dive a little deeper. Avoid putting anything on your credit card you can’t pay off in the next month.

Automatically Save – Get in the habit of saving for both emergencies and investing. Place your emergency fund in a money market account to avoid raiding your savings and investments if an unexpected event occurs. 

Surround Yourself with Professionals – Hang around people who share your vision. Several smart and creative minds are exponentially greater than just one. If you can’t find individuals who share your vision, get a financial planner or a mentor. Both are good relationships to have moving forward.

Aim Higher – Self-made millionaire Grant Cardone said one of the biggest mistakes he made financially was not thinking big enough. “I encourage you to go for more than a million. There is no shortage of money on this planet, only a shortage of people thinking big enough.”

Think Outside the Box - Saving is good, but you can’t save your way to a million dollars. There a number of different ways to increase your income, find what works for you. There’s something to be said if most millionaires are entrepreneurs and business owners. Find what your good at and turn it into a source of revenue.

Live a Humble Lifestyle – There is no need to be a walking billboard for overpriced designer clothes, shoes and accessories. Change the way you think about money. Another way to live a humble lifestyle is avoiding high house and car payments. Don’t let these things be budget-busters.

Following these tips aren’t a sure guarantee you will be a millionaire, but hopefully they will get you thinking about your financial goals and how you can reach them. If you have any other tips or ideas, please share them here.

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