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Summer Energy Savings Tips

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The kickoff to summer is officially here and that means temperatures and your monthly energy bills are sure to rise. You’re probably cranking up the air condition in your home and financially dreading the next few months of summer. Staying cool this summer doesn’t have to break the bank. Don’t fear, Capitol Federal® is here to provide some summer energy saving tips.

Have Your Air Conditioner Unit Routinely Serviced - Manufacturers recommend you have your heating and cooling system checked every year to make sure everything functions properly. Regular servicing increases your unit’s life expectancy and helps to ensure that when you turn your AC or heat on for the first day of the season, issues won’t arise.

Set Your Thermostat High - The U.S. Department of Energy recommends setting your thermostat to 78 degrees when you are home and higher when you’re gone. There’s no need for your home to feel like a freezer, it is summer time after all.

Seal Your Windows and Doors Properly - You’re throwing money away when air gets through weak seals on closed doors. Your air conditioner will have to work harder to keep your house cooled to the temperature you set when it loses air to the outside or allows hot air inside your house.

Use Window Curtains and Shades Smartly - Close your curtains and shades during the day to keep some of the heat from the sun out of your home. Open them at night when it’s cooler.

Utilize Ceiling Fans - When convenient, use fans instead of running the air conditioner. According to the Department of Energy, if you use a ceiling fan, you can raise the thermostat 4 degrees without feeling discomfort.

Try to Avoid Using the Oven - Ovens heat up your whole kitchen and causes your air conditioner to work harder. During summer months, opt for cooking on the grill outside, on the stove top or choose meals that don’t require cooking, like salads.

Switch Up the Way You Do Laundry - To avoid using the hot water heater, consider washing your clothes in cold water. Then, instead of turning on your dryer, hang up a clothesline outside, and let the summer heat dry your clothes. This way, you’ll save money and energy on the hottest days.

Get Your Money’s Worth Out of Your Windows - Temperatures drop at night, take advantage of the energy-free cooling and crack windows in your home. In the morning, you can turn the air back on and close windows and blinds for the day.

Keeping your home cool this summer shouldn’t break the bank. Hopefully, you can use these saving tips to keep money in your wallet this summer. If you have any other tips, please share them here.

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