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Spring Break Savings Tips

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Everyone needs a break from life, but sometimes it may not be in your budget. Spring Break doesn’t always have to be expensive. There are plenty of ways you can plan ahead and make your Spring Break great for yourself and your family, without doing too much damage to your bank account. Here are seven ways you can save money:

Plan Early - Know where you’re going and what you’re doing ahead of time. Waiting until the last minute to buy your plane ticket may end up putting a dent in your wallet. Create a budget for the week and plan your schedule before you get there to avoid last minute expenses.

Explore Similar Destinations - Sure, the white Hawaiian sand beaches sound nice, but have you looked into Florida? The palm trees and white sand there are closer and cheaper. Consider all your options before booking a long-distance flight.

Don’t Overload on Souvenirs - Think twice before stocking up on souvenirs. Are you really going to wear that shirt again? Do you want that kitchen magnet that bad? One item should be enough to help bring back the memories of the trip. The best types of souvenirs are the ones you can either see every day or use every day.

Make It a Road Trip - Flights can add up, especially if you are buying them for the entire family. If the distance is driveable, consider packing up your car and taking a road trip. Not only will it be cheaper, but it eliminates the need for an Uber or Lyft. Also, you will have a way to get around while you are there.

Plan Your Meals - Check your hotel’s website to see if it has complimentary breakfast or snacks. You should also see if you have a kitchen and consider making your breakfast and lunch every day. Check all your options before going to the pricey restaurant across the street.

Pack All Your Necessities - Make a packing list before your trip and check off the list as you go. Bring all your toiletries, sunscreen, hats and flip flops to avoid extra costs when you arrive to your destination.

Insure Your Trip - In the unexpected event of a hurricane, ice storm, or you are unable to take your trip, make sure you don’t lose all your money. Buying trip insurance with your airline or hotel will ensure you get some of your money back. Be sure to read the fine print and fully understand the insurance you are buying and what it covers.  

The key to a successful Spring Break is planning ahead of time. If you are able to save money with your plan, that will allow money for fun experiences with family and friends. Enjoy making memories on your vacation!

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