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Updating Online Passwords is Important

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Keeping your personal information safe and secure is our top priority here at Capitol Federal®. Because of this, we require our customers to change their True Blue Online® password every six months. Cybercriminals are taking new measures to hack into consumers online personal information daily. According to a Thycotic survey (Thycotic is a password management software company) conducted in 2017, weak or stolen passwords account for 80 percent of all cybersecurity attacks. We want to ensure you are protected, and know what to look for. 

Knowing what cyber threats to be aware of is the first step of defense. Brute force attacks and phishing emails are just a few ways cybercriminals try to steal consumer’s personal information.

Brute Force Attack – This type of cyber-attack occurs when a cybercriminal meticulously attempts to log in to your account using a combination of possible characters until they get the correct password.

Phishing – Hackers will send fraudulent emails prompting unsuspecting individuals to click links embedded in the email. Once victims click the link and enter information into the fake website, scammers could gain access to sensitive information saved online or on your device, such as banking and credit card details and passwords. To minimize having this information stolen if you are attacked, it’s best to not save your passwords anywhere in your email server or save passwords in Internet browser/cookies.

Regularly changing your password is a good way to help prevent these attacks from taking place. A good rule of thumb when changing your password is to make it as complex as possible. Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating a new password:

Length is King – The foundation of creating a safe and secure password is creating a lengthy one. The longer the password is in characters, the more password combinations are possible making it harder to guess.  A minimum of 10 characters is a good length to start with, but the longer the better.

Create Unique Passwords – Avoid using the same password for multiple accounts. You risk compromising all of your accounts when you use the same one across various channels. Create a list of unique passwords and keep them in a safe place.

Avoid Weak Passwords – Everyone is guilty of creating a weak password that is easy to guess. Avoid using phone numbers and birthdays when creating passwords. Use sites like How Secure Is My Password to test out the strength of your password.

Changing your True Blue Online® password regularly is the first line of defense when it comes to keeping your bank account information safe.

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Capitol Federal

If you are having trouble accessing your account via the TBO� mobile banking app it may be time to change your password. Passwords can be changed on the desktop version of True Blue Online� via mobile browser or computer. We apologize for the issues you�re having.

Capitol Federal

Passwords can be changed on the desktop version of True Blue Online via mobile browser or computer. Too many failed attempts will lock you out of your account. Thank you for your question.

Brandon Ricketts

I can�t get signed into my account it won�t let me in

Pat A. Jones

How do I change my password?

Jack Rosenfield

I don't know what amateurish programmers you have in charge of your systems' security programs but my AMEX and VISA credit card systems haven't had to change my password in years and we've never had a problem. But because of your ridiculous changes we are leaving our checking account at Capital Federal and finding another bank. I hope all of your other accounts appreciate your nonsense and stay but this 79 year old doesn't. AT some point customers will tire and become frustrated with he 6 month change requirement.

Capitol Federal

Hi Linda � To change your True Blue Online� password, you will need to access your account from a desktop computer. You will not be able to complete a password change from the mobile app. Once you have logged in to your account, select the settings tab under ALL. From there, click password. Please note, you may experience some lag time after your password has been changed to when it becomes effective. If you have any other questions, you may contact us at 1-888-822-7333 and we�d be happy to assist. Thanks, Capitol Federal�

Linda M Johnson

how do I change my password?

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