Giveaway and Promotion Winners

Giveaway and Promotion Winners


Flag Day Winners - 2024
1. Richard T. - Kansas City
2. Ron W. - Emporia
3. David T. - Lawrence
4. Penelope C. - Kansas City
5. Dennis H. - Wichita
6. Tim S. - Topeka
7. Carolyn P. - Salina
8. Diane D. - Saint George

Tap That Topeka Ticket Giveaway Winners - 2024
1. Kenneth B.
2. Seth M.
3. Randy J.
4. Gerald L.
5. Emily T.

SAR-YPN Education Summit Winner
Tracy R. - Topeka

Wyandotte State Grand Opening Sweepstakes
Stacey C.

Great Duck Derby Winners - 2023
1. C. Robello - Derby
2. C. Sauer - Manhattan
3. L. Sauer - Manhattan
4. M. Kim - 
5. S. Smith - Wichita
6. L. Rains - Derby
7. T. Yoder - Wellington
8. R. Lawrence - Abilene
9. K. Burgar - Wichita
10. S. Hansen - Wichita
11. R. Jain - Olathe
12. S. Jain - Olathe
13. R. Larson - 
14. C. Alderson - Rose Hill
15. C. McNeil - Derby
16. E. Seyb - Derby
17. D. Mills - Derby
18. T. Stauffer - Wichita
19. A. Laudry -
20. D. Mills - Derby
21. R. Tenholder -
22. V. Lynn - Surprise, AZ
23. H. Crosman - Lawrence
24. S. Thompson - Derby
25. D. Qualls - Wichita
26. D. White - Mulvane
27. N. Griswold - Wichita
28. A. Jain - Olathe
29. K. Henry - Derby
30. M. Robol-Ford - 
31. L. Stauffer - Wichita
32. S. Brata - Bel Aire
33. L. Hladik - 
34. S. Shiffendecker - 
35. J. Lawton - Overland Park
36. N. Thompson - Derby
37. A. Griswold - Wichita 

Flag Day Winners - 2023
1. D. Krug, Wichita, KS
2. N. Kramer, Manhattan, KS
3. M. Heckadon. Shawnee, KS
4. K. Crump, Lawrence, KS
5. J. Randall, Olathe, KS
6. E. Powers, Emporia, KS
7. S. Dowell, Berryton, KS

2023 Topeka Home Show Prize Winners
Lee Ann P. won a KitchenAid 6 Qt. Professional 600 series Stand Mixer and a $200 Visa® Gift Card
Harry S. won a cordless Powerload String Trimmer, a Cordless Leaf Blower and a $200 Visa® Gift Card
Stephanie B. won a 65” Sony 4K Ultra HD TV and a $200 Visa® Gift Card

Zoo Light Winners
1. Debra C. from Topeka, KS
2. Brenda H. from Topeka, KS
3. Earl F. from Topeka, KS
4. Heather E. from Topeka, KS

Timeless Trivia Questions and Answers – Summer 2022
1. The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island has an award-winning golf course called The Jewel.  It is the only course in the world where players are transported between the front and back nine via what?
Answer: A horse drawn carriage

2. Before the French or British settled in the area, Native Americans called Mackinac Island, Michilimackinac, meaning what?
Answer: Place of the great turtle

3. In 1780, Fort Mackinac was established on the island by what country?
Answer: Britain

4. The Soo Locks are a set of parallel locks that connects what two Great Lakes?
Answer: Superior and Huron

Summer 2022 Timeless Trivia Winners:
1. Cindy M. from Assaria, KS
Mary W. from Topeka, KS
3. Charles Y. from Olathe, KS
4. Ellen W. from Topeka, KS
5. Orcena J. from Clifton, KS
6. Dennis W. from Salina, KS
7. Karen P. from Topeka, KS
8. Barry R. from Garden Plain, KS
9. Carol W. from Wichita, KS
10. Parry J. from Reading, KS

Phoebe Bridgers Winners
1. Louis R.
2. Kaylee H.
3. Katie M.


Chicago Winners 
1. Roger J.
2. Dana C.
3. Michael D.

Fri-yay contest winners:

Week 5 - July 29

1. Charles H. from Manhattan

2. Amy K. from Olathe

3. Laura C. from Parker

4. Tonya I. from Wichita

5. Dean R. from Kansas City

6. Teri B. from Manhattan

7. Lyle B. from Topeka

8. Marie A. from Hoyt

9. Megan D. from Overland Park

10. Roseanna S. from Topeka

Week 4 - July 22

1. Nancy R. from Topeka

2. Judith M. from Overland Park

3. Steve S. from Kansas City, KS

4. Dan G. from Lawrence

5. Teresa D. from Wichita

6. Cindy W. from Topeka

7. Samantha C. from Topeka

8. Deanna L. from Manhattan

9. Nicki H. from Wichita

10. Lori J. from Salina

Week 3 - July 15:

1. Connie P. from Shawnee

2. Sharon M. from Overland Park

3. Barbara P. from Shawnee

4. Mary C. from Manhattan

5. Karen S. from Emporia

6. Ron S. from Wichita

7. Mary Ann G. from DeSoto

8. Scott F. from Park City

9. Travis H. from Topeka

10. Heather C. from Lawrence

Week 2 - July 8:

1. Arlie E. from Derby

2. Susan S. from Wichita

3. Nancy D. from Wichita

4. Jerry K. from Lawrence

5. Diane T. from Overland Park

6. Mary S. from Topeka

7. Jenna R. from Olathe

8. Don B. from Wichita

9. Randy R. from Silver Lake

10. David F. from Lenexa

Week 1 - July 1:

1. Wanda L. from Topeka

2. Brian H. from Topeka

3. David I. from Salina

4. Amanda P. from Topeka

5. Julian D. from Lawrence

6. Melissa W. from Overland Park

7. William B. from Derby

8. Arby R. from Wichita

9. Kenneth B. from Topeka

10. Erin A. from Manhattan

Timeless Trivia Questions and Answers – Spring 2022

1. How many lighthouses are on Martha’s Vineyard?
Answer: 5
2. A cape is a high point of land that narrowly extends into a body of water. They can be formed by volcanoes or ocean currents.  Cape Cod, however, was formed around 20,000 years ago by what?  
Answer: A glacier melting or sea level changes
3. America’s oldest operating platform carousel, built in 1884, can be found on Martha’s Vineyard.  What is its name? 
Answer: Flying Horses Carousel
4. The Cape Cod Canal connects Cape Cod Bay to what other Bay?   
Answer: Buzzards Bay  

Spring 2022 Timeless Trivia Winners:
1. Jennie Z.
2. Kim B.
3. Rhonda M.
4. Mandi C.
5. Ingrid D.
6. Donna F.
7. Janet R.
8. Steven D.
9. Susie U.
10. Vicki D.

Great Duck Derby winners:

1. Hayley G.
2. Lucas S.
3. Renee S.
4. Andrew T.
5. Amy L.

Chris Janson sweepstakes winner:

Chris G. from Wichita, KS

Flag Day Winners - 2022

1. Christy C. from Topeka, KS

2. Rod P. from Lawrence, KS

3. Marian T. from Overland Park, KS

4. Linda D. from Olathe, KS

5. Monica S. from Reading, KS

6. Janina A. from Haysville, KS

7. Kendra F. from Wichita, KS

KenMar Branch 25th Anniversary Winner:

Ronna B. from Wichita, KS - $500 Menard’s Gift Card

Timeless Trivia Questions and Answers – Winter 2022

1. Mackinac National Park was actually the United States’ second National Park, but the land was given to Michigan in 1985 to establish Michigan’s first state park.  What was the very first National Park established in the USA in 1872?

Answer: Yellowstone

2. On a year-round basis, approximately how many people live on Mackinac Island?

Answer: 500-600

3. Arch Rock is a famous rock formation on Mackinac Island.  At more than 50 feet wide, it stands how many feet above Lake Huron?

Answer: 146 feet or 15 stories

4. What hotel on Mackinac Island boasts it has the world’s largest porch at 660 feet, overlooking beautiful Lake Huron. 

Answer: The Grand Hotel

Winter 2022 Timeless Trivia Winners:

1. Mandi C. from Lawrence, KS

2. Dennis W. from Salina, KS

3. Patti W. from Olathe, KS

4. Joan W. from Topeka, KS

5. Chris M. from Tecumseh, KS

6. Andrea C. from Topeka, KS

7. Carol W. from Wichita, KS

8. Jim B. from Lenexa, KS

9. Graham Z. from Overland Park, KS

10. Amy S. from Overland Park, KS

Timeless Trivia Questions and Answers – Fall 2021

1. Though the film takes place in the fictional town of Amity, the movie Jaws was mostly filmed on what New England island?
Answer: Martha’s Vineyard
2. Every summer, Doug the Quahog predicts what on Cape Cod?
Answer: How many sunny days they’ll have
3. Prior to 1914, Cape Cod was attached to the mainland.  However, part of it is now separated from the mainland by what body of water?
Answer: Cape Cod Canal
4. Katharine Lee Bates was inspired by Pikes Peak in Colorado to write “America the Beautiful”.  However, she was born and raised in what Cape Cod town?
Answer: Falmouth, MA

Fall 2021 Timeless Trivia Winners:

1. Linda R. from Wichita, KS
2. Susan Z. from Overland Park, Ks
3. Eileen G. from Kansas City, MO
4. David F. from Wichita, KS
5. Marlene D. from Manhattan, KS
6. Dwana B. from Topeka, KS
7. Susie U. from Kansas City, MO
8. Mary R. from Lawrence, KS
9. Loretta S. from Wichita, KS
10. Martha R. from Overland Park, KS

Manhattan Branch 50th Anniversary Winner:

Linda G. from Manhattan, KS - $500 Hy-Vee Gift Card

29th & Kansas Ave. Branch 45th Anniversary Winner:
Scott F. from Topeka, KS - $500 Aldi Gift Card

8 Iron Therapy: Get & Gimme Sweepstakes Winner:

Sean L. from Topeka, KS - won a 3-hour bay rental and a CapFed® golf swag pack.  The prize also included a donated golf lesson to First Tee - Greater Topeka, courtesy of Capitol Federal®.

Lawrence Target Branch 25th Anniversary Winner:

Patrick D. from Lawrence, KS - $500 Target Gift Card

Wanamaker Branch 40th Anniversary Winner:

Gayle P. from Topeka, KS - $500 Hy-Vee Gift Card

Friday Favorites 2021 Winners:

Jan M. from Overland Park, KS
Jean E. from Overland Parks, KS

Great Derby Duck Race Winners:
Sheila M. from Derby, KS
Kevin S. from Derby, KS
Sean B. from Derby, KS
Gray B. from Derby, KS
Kristy H. from Derby, KS

Summer Sizzler Winners:
• Hit 100 on June 15 at 3:05pm
• Winner: Lynn H. from Salina, KS who guessed June 14 at 4:50pm (she was the closest to the date/time without going over).

• Hit 100 on June 16 at 1:35pm
• Winner: Bethanne S. from Olathe, KS who guessed June 15 at 2:33pm (she was the closest to the date/time without going over).


• Hit 100 on June 17 at 2:15pm
• Winner: Kandace T. from Topeka, KS who guessed June 17 at 1:16pm (she was the closest to the date/time without going over).

• Hit 100 on June 17 at 2:35pm
• Winner: Tamara M. from Emporia, KS who guessed June 16 at 1:55pm (she was the closest to the date/time without going over).

• Hit 100 on June 17 at 2:15pm
• Winner: Lisa L. from Lawrence, KS who guessed June 17 at 2:00pm (she was the closest to the date/time without going over).

• Hit 100 on June 17 at 2:50pm
• Winner: Debby C. from Wichita, KS who guessed June 17 at 2:47pm (she was the closest to the date/time without going over).


• Never hit 100 in 2021

• Winner: Theresa W. from Olathe, KS (A random drawing was held by Capitol Federal from all eligible KC entries to choose a winner.)

Timeless Trivia Questions and Answers – Summer 2021
1. A famous landmark in Charleston is the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge.  It spans more than 1,500 feet and is supported by how many cables?
Answer: 128

2. In Charleston, they don’t call them cockroaches.  The insect is called what?
Palmetto Bug

3. What 2004 romance drama was filmed in Charleston, including scenes in front of the American Theater and at Cypress Gardens?
Answer: The Notebook

4. The first shots of the Civil War were fired at what fort in Charleston Harbor?
Answer: Fort Sumter

Summer 2021 Timeless Trivia Winners:
1. Graham Z. from Overland Park, KS
2. Ingrid D. from Olathe, KS
3. Kim B. from Olathe, KS
4. Teresa B. from Lake Quivira, KS
5. Donna O. from Stilwell, KS
6. Bob D. from Wichita, KS
7. John L. from Overland Park, KS
8. Pam O. from Overland Park, KS
9. Kevin H. from Spring Hill, KS
10. Suprem D. from Manhattan, KS

Spring 2021 Timeless Trivia Answers:
1. While not the tallest waterfall, Niagara Falls is the most visited waterfall in the world with more than 12 million people visiting each year. Which waterfall, located in Venezuela, is the tallest waterfall in the world?

Answer: Angel Falls

2. The word Niagara comes from the Iroquoian word Onguiaahra, which means “the strait”, but others believe it’s taken from another native word meaning what? Answer: Thundering Waters

3. The rushing water of the Falls creates a large source of Negative Ions. What kind of feelings do negative ions create in humans when you breathe them in?
Answer: Positive, happy, content vibes.

4. Many people have tried going over Niagara Falls in a barrel, and it is now illegal. What is the fine for attempting to go over Niagara Falls?
Answer: $25,000 US, $10,000 Canadian.

Spring 2021 Timeless Trivia Winners:
1. Bonnie N. from Lawrence, KS
2. Charles Y. from Olathe, KS
3. Jerry B. from Overland Park, KS
4. Pat S. from Wichita, KS
5. Edward B. from Olathe, KS
6. Joe S. from Wichita, KS
7. June B. from Rossville, KS
8. Sandra S. from Wichita, KS
9. Leah M. from Overland Park, KS
10. Linda R. from Chapman, KS

2021 Flag Day Winners
Girard G. from Topeka, KS
Marcia Z. from Overland Park, KS
Mary Jo L. from Kansas City, MO
Le-Thu E. from Lawrence, KS
Toney, V. from Spring Hill, KS
Elwin P. from Andover, KS
Graham, Z. from Overland Park, KS
Rayleen, P. from Topeka, KS
John C. from Olathe, KS
Terry C. from Lenexa, KS

KenMar Grand Opening Winners
Stephanie, J. - $100 Beau Monde Spa gift card
Diana W. - $100 Beau Monde Spa gift card
Jeff W. – $100 Napoli Italian Eatery gift card
Carl M. – $100 Napoli Italian Eatery gift card
Kristy J. – $100 The Belmont gift card
George D – $100 The Belmont gift card
Maria B. – $100 Chicken and Pickle gift card
Karen P. – $100 Chicken and Pickle gift card
Kelley P. – $100 Grow Plant Shop gift card
Brandy A. – $100 Grow Plant Shop gift card
Corey S. – $1,0000 CapFed® Visa® gift card

Winter 2021 Timeless Trivia Answers:
1. In which Great Lake is Mackinac Island
Answer: Lake Huron

2. In what year Mackinac Island to ban “horseless carriages”, thus prohibiting motorized vehicles on the island?

3. Mackinac Bridge is one of the longest suspension bridges in the world, but what country currently holds the record for the longest suspension bridge, based on main span?
Answer: Japan

4. The Soo Locks, which help ships travel between Lake Superior and the lower Great Lakes, consists of how many locks?
Answer: 4

Winter 2021 Timeless Trivia Winners:
1. Joseph R. – Shawnee, KS
2. Bernice W. – Overland Park, KS
3. Leah M. – Overland Park, KS
4. Dean H. – Olathe, KS
5. Marilyn S. – Olathe, KS
6. Dennis W. – Salina, KS
7. Pat S. – Wichita, KS
8. John C. – Wakarusa, KS
9. Teresa B. – Lake Quivira, KS
10. Susan Z. – Overland Park, KS

Roomba® iRobot® Vacuum Giveaway Sweepstakes

Steve G. - Topeka, KS

Sharing the Love Sweepstakes 

Emporia – $500 Trox Gallery and Gifts Certificate

• Chelsea K. from Emporia, KS
• Kayli L. from Emporia, KS

Emporia –$100 J’s Carryout gift certificate
• Debra G. from Topeka, KS
• Brice D. from Emporia, KS
• Kristi D. from Emporia, KS
• Richard H. from Emporia, KS
• Norma W. from Emporia, KS
• Steven B. from Emporia, KS
• Suzanne M. from Emporia, KS
• Michaela K. from Emporia, KS
• Ronald W. from Olathe, KS
• Tamara M. from Emporia, KS

Kansas City -Downtown Parkville $100 gift certificate
• Sheryl A. from Wichita, KS
• Blaine S. from Kansas City, MO
• Richard H. from Kansas City, MO
• Marilyn C. from Lenexa, KS
• Maria P. from Cameron, NC
• Sarah R. from Shawnee, KS
• Douglin S. from Overland Park, KS
• Lynn H. from Olathe, KS
• Brian H. from Leawood, KS
• Madison L. from Wellsville, KS

Kansas City – $250 The Corner House Furniture and Boutique gift certificate

• Owen W. from Edgerton, KS
• Tiara L. from Kansas City, MO
• Denise L. from Prairie Village, KS
• Michelle L. from Overland Park, KS

Lawrence – Downtown Lawrence $100 gift certificate
• Bonny N. from Overland Park, KS
• Steven B. from Lenexa, KS
• Ronald M. from Olathe, KS
• Erin E. from Prairie Village, KS
• Kiesha M. from Lawrence, KS
• Regana R. from Lawrence, KS
• Sandra R. from Lawrence, KS
• Jo U. from Lawrence, KS
• Bruce F. from Lawrence, KS
• Stephanie C. from Lawrence, KS

Lawrence – $250 Sunflower Outdoor Bike Shop gift certificate
• Rikki A. from Lawrence, KS
• Arnold L. from Lawrence, KS
• Martha W. from Lawrence, KS
• Brian S. from Overland Park, KS

Manhattan – $100 Aggieville prize package.
The package includes a $25 gift card to Varsity Donuts, a $25 gift card to The Dusty Bookshelf and a $50 gift card to ACME gifts.

• Linda D. from Manhattan, KS
• Karch W. from Manhattan, KS
• Evelyn S. from Manhattan, KS
• Joyce D. from Alma, KS
• Marlene F. from Manhattan, KS
• Don T. from Manhattan, KS
• Kay M. from Wamego, KS
• Julie S. from Manhattan, KS
• Peter F. from Manhattan, KS
• Jay S. from Manhattan, KS

Manhattan – $500 Yee Haw Country Outfitters gift certificate
• Robert H. from Alta Vista, KS
• Joshua D. from Americus, KS

Salina – $500 3J’s Cleaning gift certificate
• Beverly W. from Salina, KS
• Michael H. from Salina, KS

Salina – $200 The Alley gift certificate
• Marie R. from Salina, KS
• Pamela C. from Salina, KS
• Carol T. from Salina, KS
• Tracy A. from Salina, KS
• Garry W. from Salina, KS

Topeka – $500 Red Door Home Store gift certificate
• Sharon M. from Topeka, KS
• Trish P. from Topeka, KS

Topeka – $250 Rockstar Detailing gift certificate
• Stephanie S. from Topeka, KS
• John R. from Tecumseh, KS
• Michael S. from Topeka, KS
• Emily R. from Topeka, KS

Wichita – $200 Yoder Meats gift certificate
• Christopher S. from Wichita, KS
• Theresa S. from Wichita , KS
• Larry D. from Wichita, KS
• Tyler R. from Wichita, KS
• Anita O. from Andover, KS

Wichita – $200 Exploration Place gift certificate
• Cameron P. from Maize, KS
• Samantha J. from Wichita, KS
• Patricia C. from Wichita, KS
• Amy W. from Derby, KS
• Barry R. from Garden Plain, KS