Positive Pay

Positive Pay

Protect your business

To minimize the risk of fraud to your business, Capitol Federal® recommends Positive Pay (ACH Positive Pay and Check Positive Pay). Positive Pay can assist in protecting your business against losses due to check and ACH fraud by providing effective and reliable tools that can alert your business to potential fraud situations.

Positive Pay incorporates Check Positive Pay and ACH Positive Pay into one convenient package. Both products are web-based services provided through True Blue Online® Business. Once enrolled, your business will be able to monitor check and ACH activity on a daily basis.

Benefits of Positive Pay include:

  • Reducing Fraud
  • Reducing Errors
  • Faster Reconciliation 

Check Positive Pay 

Check Positive Pay is designed to detect potential unauthorized payments from your accounts by comparing a file of the checks you have issued against the checks that have been presented for payment. By identifying altered, duplicate, or bogus checks, any fraudulent activity on your account can be detected more quickly thereby reducing potential losses. Alerts allow you to approve or decline payment on any rejected items. Check Positive Pay is managed through True Blue Online® Business.

  • $25 per month per account; $10 for each additional account
  • $0.03 per check issued (additional $0.02 per check to add payee match)
  • Fees are charged to the customer’s analysis statement

ACH Positive Pay 

ACH Positive Pay helps you safeguard against fraudulent activity by filtering or blocking unauthorized ACH withdrawals. 

If an electronic withdrawal attempts to post to the account and it is not on the approved list, it will be suspended and a notification will be sent asking you to log into True Blue Online® Business, view the exception, and determine whether to pay or return the item.  

  • $10 per month per account; $3 for each additional account
  • Fees are charged to the customer’s analysis statement

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