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5 Tips to Avoid Potential Scams

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Capitol Federal® has officially partnered with Zelle® to make sending money fast, easy, and safe to people you know and trust. Whether it's using a P2P platform in an app or within your financial institutions banking experience, it's important to safeguard your personal information.


Here are 5 tips you can follow to help protect yourself from potential scams.


#1) Beware of Phishing Scams


As technology is improving, scammers are getting smarter. That means you need to keep your eyes out for their phishing tricks. A typical scam starts off by you receiving an unexpected call, email or text that seems to be coming from your financial institution. If you receive one of these and it doesn’t feel right, don’t click on anything. A good option from there is to call your bank using a phone number you know is theirs and ask them to look into your account activity.


#2) Only Send Money to People You Know and Trust – Treat Zelle® Payments like Cash


Think of sending money through Zelle® as giving people cash. You wouldn't give money to someone you don't know. Once a Zelle® payment is sent there is no way to cancel that transaction if the recipient is already enrolled. Due to that, only send money to friends, family and others that are trusted.


#3) Confirm Your Recipient’s Contact Info


Check that you have the correct U.S. mobile number or email address that you are sending money to. Once you input that information, and you send the money, the transaction is authorized.


#4) Keep Your Phone Number and Email Up to Date


Zelle® uses U.S. mobile numbers and email addresses to securely send money between people you trust. To be confident that your money is being sent and received to the right account, double check that your phone number and email address are up to date.


#5) Use a Strong Password for Online Banking


It is important you have setup a unique and strong password that only you know for your online banking. This adds an extra level of security to keeping you and your money safe.

Terms and conditions apply. The Zelle® related marks are used under license from EarlyWarning Services, LLC.

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