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Five Reasons Why You Should Review Your Insurance Policies

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Reaching out for an annual insurance review is an important part of keeping yourself fully protected. Here are 5 reasons why 2023 might be the best year yet!


Finding savings

If you haven’t reviewed your policies in a while, you could be missing out on key discounts in 2023 like the addition of telematics. Think you’re a great driver? Prove it and you can save money on your premium.


Identifying coverage gaps

We live in a litigious society, so making sure you are covered from all angles is critical. Multi-car accidents and the rising costs of healthcare are just a few reasons why you need sufficient liability coverages.


Lifestyle changes

Your life is always changing and so should your insurance. Events like getting married or divorced, starting a new business, and paying off your mortgage can trigger new coverage needs. Make sure your policies are staying up-to-date with your changing priorities.


Property changes

Completing home additions and remodels (or even the impact of inflation on material costs), will likely increase the value of your home. With these fluctuations, your insurance needs to adapt to protect your investments. Speak to your agent about any material changes to your home regularly.


Preparing for catastrophes

Losing your home to a fire or roof to a tornado is devastating enough. Finding out that your coverage is insufficient or that your deductible is unaffordable can be an unnecessary headache. Especially with the volatile weather in recent years, an insurance review will help familiarize you with your coverages and pro-actively spot issues.

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